The Management Resume: What Hiring Departments Want to See

Fri, Apr 13, 2012

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While you might be able to sneak into a management position at your current company, this isn’t always the case.  When you find that your current company isn’t interested in moving you up the ladder, you need to move outside of your current job department and start looking elsewhere.

But if you haven’t applied for a job in some time, you may not know what management resumes should look like.

You should include:

  • A clear description of your current position – Since you will be transitioning from your current role to the management role, it needs to be clear what your current role is how it can segue into the increased responsibility.
  • Lists of your key accomplishments – Make sure that each of your recent jobs includes a list of the accomplishments you have made.  This can be everything from creating new accounts/projects to training others.
  • Explanations of your leadership roles and skills – Your resume needs to shout out that you have leadership capabilities and skills.  Even if you haven’t been a manager, make sure your resume shows you have the capability to lead.
  • Your educational level – Your education should be at least a Bachelor’s Degree, often an MBA, these days when you want to be in a higher management role. If not, then you need to add…
  • Professional development seminars/training – When you don’t have a higher degree, the training you’ve had will help to create a clear reason why you need to be hired into the management role.

When you’re looking at your career and you want to move on up, you need to approach things differently.  Your resume needs to focus less on what you’ve done, and more on what you will be able to provide a new company.

Even when it’s not the one you’re at now.

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