Toughen Up for Your Job Hunt

Thu, Apr 26, 2012

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You are going to hit times in your job hunt where it seems like nothing is working.  Even if you have more qualifications than the Pope, you might sit by the phone without hearing anything about an application – for months.  Many job hunters will let this get them down, but you can do something different.  Instead of thinking that the job hunt should be easy, you can look at it in a new way.

And you may just score a job because of this new attitude.

It’s hard to not take things personally in your job hunt, but let’s look at what’s happening right now:

  • There are more applicants – More people are out in the job hunt, causing the numbers game to be challenging for everyone.
  • There are more highly qualified applicants – Since many highly skilled people have been laid off to save companies money, there are many educated and skilled workers trying to look for work.
  • Technology isn’t perfect – Even though email and job posting sites are helpful, sometimes your message doesn’t make it through to its final destination.
  • Recruiters/hiring managers can only do so much – When a recruiter or hiring manager has hundreds of resumes to read, they may not see every single one, or they might discount some qualified applicants because they’re just overworked.

It sounds bleak, but that’s not the point.  What you need to remember is that if you’re not getting calls back, and you’ve done all you can, you just need to soldier on.  Eventually, you will find a job that suits your skills and that ends this hunting process.

It’s not about you.  The job hunt is more challenging, but when you rise to the challenge, you will get the job that pays you what you’re worth and that uses your skills for success.

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  1. Gerry @ Job Hunting Says:

    It is important to be realistic – but not disheartened – there are definitely proactive measures you can take in your job hunt

  2. tbavol Says:

    I totally agree, don’t get disheartened, the right job is out there for you somewhere. Thanks for your comment Gerry.

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