What’s in Your Background?

Sat, Apr 28, 2012

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One of the things you may not have realized about your job hunt is how much trust you have in the hiring departments.  You trust they’re going to review your entire resume and that they’re going to look at your background with care.

And most hiring departments will.

But since we’re thinking about how hiring departments are a bit more swamped today than they were in the past, let’s be proactive and think about the ‘what if’ situation.

What if the background check that’s done on you isn’t as thorough as it could be? How would you know if someone made an error?

  • Get a background check on yourself – You can sign up to get a background check from a service to see what pops up when your name is entered into the system.
  • Ask for a copy of your background check – This will help you see what the company saw when they requested the information.

If you have a common name, for example, it’s possible that the information that the company received may not have been 100% accurate.  It happens, unfortunately, but you can rectify the situation with your own background check.

At the same time, if the employer does find something in your past, it can hinder your ability to get hired.  You can try to explain things ahead of time by getting the check before they do and making the explanation a part of your interview or your cover letter.

If you have something significant in your background, this can hinder the hiring process.  Now, it won’t matter to all companies, but there are some situations in which it will.

By being ahead of the background check, you can be ready to face the questions.  And if you aren’t getting calls back, you know what others are seeing – and you can do something about it.

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