Online Applications Systems Don’t Always Work

Thu, May 3, 2012

Job Search Skills

You’re ready and raring to go for the online job hunt.  You have the information you need and you sit down at your computer to get started.  And then the online system asks you a question you don’t know the answer to.  Or the system crashes right when you’re in the middle of the process.

It can be pretty frustrating.

Online application systems don’t always work – and you need to know this in order to do more for your job search.  You need to know the possible obstacles to your success so you can overcome them – and beat out the rest of the job applicants in the process.

  • Look at the application first – This will help you see what information you need to gather before you sit down.
  • Save your work – If the application system has a save function, then make sure you use it.
  • Check for a confirmation email/page – This will let you know that your application made it to the right place.

When you’re applying online, it’s unclear whether your information is ending up at the right place – even if you get confirmation of your application.  While the system might say that things went well, technology isn’t always as obedient as we want it to be.

This is why you need to spread out your job hunt to more than just online application systems.  You need to email people directly.  You need to mail out your resume to some companies with larger hiring pools.  And you need to follow up on those resumes whenever you can.

By being proactive in the process, you can stop trusting online systems to do the work for you.  True, most of the time things work, but you don’t want to leave your future up to chance, do you?

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