Why Your Cell Phone Should Stay Home During an Interview

Sat, May 5, 2012

Interview Skills

If it’s been a while since you’ve been at a job interview, you already know that things have changed.  You may not have had a cell phone back then, or you might be used to having your cell phone with you all the time right now, anxiously awaiting a call back for an interview.

But you need to leave that cell phone at home.

Job recruiters are seeing more people pick up their cell phone during an interview than ever before.  And this is leaving them with a bad impression of the interviewer.

Instead, you want to focus your attention completely on the interview at hand.  Put your phone in your car or leave it at home until you’re done with the interview process.

Now, there are a few instances in which you might need to have your cell phone with you.

  • You’re caring for the health of someone.
  • You need to monitor calls for a child’s needs.

Those are completely important things to handle, but they should still not impact your job interview.

Instead, have someone else be in charge of these responsibilities when you’re in the interview.  Give someone else your cell phone so they can be in charge of your child or your loved one so that you can still focus on your interview.

If this isn’t possible, then you will need to tell the hiring manager from the start that you will have your cell phone and that you will only answer it in an emergency.  Don’t go into any more detail than this because they might get the impression that you may also be distracted during your job.

Leave the phone at home.  Your voice mail can take care of things while you apply for the job.

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