It’s Not About Job Loyalty; It’s about Career Progression

Wed, May 30, 2012

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Resumes of the past used to look different than they do now.  Most of the time, a person’s resume would include one, maybe two, jobs with increasing levels of responsibility, as well as differing job titles.

But things are changing.

Instead, job recruiters and hiring departments know that it’s unlikely to see one person at one company for twenty years.  And even if this is the case, this isn’t because the person just wants a change, it’s because they got laid off.

With this new resume content, it’s clear that hiring departments need to learn more about you than about the loyalty that was customary in the past.  People today are switching jobs rapidly, sometimes of their own accord, and sometimes now.

What you need to do now is to show that your resume is filled with career progressions, even if you weren’t at the same company.  You need to establish that at each job, you utilized the skills of the previous job in order to take on more responsibility.

While you may not be able to show that you had a clear acceleration of your job titles, you can show that each job built upon the one before it.  Show that you were enhancing your skills and that you were actively learning more in order to progress and in order to better the companies at which you worked.

You can discuss this career progression in your cover letter, as well as in an interview setting, allowing the company at which you want to work to see that you were able to continue to grow in the market, even while you worked in different companies.

Job loyalty is still important, true, but it’s not the only thing that your resume should show.  Instead, show that you were loyal to being a good worker, and that will get you the call you’ve been waiting for.

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