Don’t Let Bad Luck Stop Your Job Hunt

You had everything planned perfectly for your job interview.  You got dressed early, you left your house early, and you arrived at the building early…only to find that the front door was locked.

What do you do?  Many people would wait by the door, hoping that someone would remember them, and then they might bang on the door in order to get someone’s attention.  But even that might not work.

So, you’d probably just go home and then look for another potential job because it’s clear that you weren’t destined for that position.

Stop right now.  While a locked door might seem like an omen, it happens.  Instead of tossing this opportunity away, here are some things you can do:

  • Check your voicemail before leaving – Had you checked your voicemail before you left the house, you would have learned that you needed to go to another door in order to get in.
  • Have the office’s number with you – You also could have called to see what the problem was once you arrived at the interview.
  • Call the office and apologize – If you can’t figure out how to get in the door and you’ve exhausted all other alternatives, make sure you contact the company as soon as possible to let them know of the situation.

Don’t give up on the job just because things look bleak or things are looking like they’re stacked against you.  The door may have been locked on accident, and you may hear an apology from the company for causing you to drive all the way there for no reason.

The worst thing you can do in this situation is give up.  At the very least, try to see if you can schedule a new interview – and let them know that you’d like to make it in the door the next time.

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