Don’t Look Like a Fool Before You’re Hired

Tue, Jun 12, 2012

Interview Skills

You are busy with the job hunting process, so busy, in fact, that you may become prone to mistakes.  While no one is perfect, when you’re trying to impress a future employer, you need to minimize the mistakes you make – as they’ll damage your chances of getting hired.

What sort of things can you do to prevent mistakes?

  • Double check everything – From the names that you put on the emails to the numbers that you place on your phone to call later, make sure that you check and double check these facts so that you have the right information on hand.
  • Do your own research first – Before you ask someone else for the information you need, make sure you’ve taken the time yourself to find the information on your own.  You don’t want to waste someone else’s time on something that you could have done.
  • Have someone else check your work – Though you might not want anyone else to read the cover letter and resume you have created, they can provide a fresh set of eyes to find problems that might still be present.
  • Read things aloud – While you might fancy yourself a good proofreader, the best way to check for errors is to read your work aloud.  That way, you can find the mistakes you’ve made and correct them before sending out the document or message.

You’re far from a fool, but when you’re under stress, you are more likely to have troubles keeping up with the things you need to do – and doing them well.  By taking a few moments to double check all of the things you’ve done, you can make sure you look like someone that’s going to be an asset.

And if you do make a mistake, just own up to it.

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