Reading a Company’s Culture BEFORE You Start Work

Thu, Jun 28, 2012

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You’ve already had that job where you though you were a good fit…until you found out that you weren’t meshing with the rest of the company.  Even though you could do the job, the people you worked with weren’t on the same level as you.

But since company culture isn’t generally a part of a job description, how can you find out more about an organization to ensure you’re the right person?

  • Google the company – Look online to see what people are saying about the company, how it behaves, and what it does when it’s not trying to make money.  You may be surprised at how much you can find out about a company just by looking them up online.
  • Read their core values – If the company website includes a section on core values, it’s a good idea to review this page.  Though it’s true that one’s core values aren’t always exactly the way one lives, these can give you a sense of what the company finds important.
  • See what charity work they do – Again, not all charity work is done out of the goodness of one’s heart, but a company that continues to focus on giving to others often is a company that is more supportive of employees.

While this is only going to give you a sense of what the company wants to show off online, this is a good start.

It can also help to talk to current and former employees to get the real details, though the current employees may not share much that is unseemly.

Of course, maybe you want the cutthroat environment in which the company never gives to charities and never does anything but yell at their employees.

These research tips should help you find that out too.

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