Why You Shouldn’t Respond to Blind Ads

Sat, Jul 21, 2012

Job Search Skills

Say you’re trying to find a new job, and you still have a job that you’re committed to (for now, anyway).  You find a job posting online and you think that it’s the perfect job for you.  It includes all of the skills you have, the titles you are targeting, and even the working environment you prefer.

But it doesn’t include any company details.

There are a few things that could go wrong with applying for this sort of job:

  • It could be your current company – Think about how bad it would look for you to apply to your own company, especially when they don’t realize you are looking for outside work.  Chances are good that you will end up having to look for work as your current company may want to let you go since you’re obviously on the lookout for something better.
  • It could be a scam – Additionally, blind ads might just be a waste of your time as they may be scams.

You want to look for job postings that clearly outline what the job is, and more importantly, who you will be working for – especially when you’re already employed.  If you’re interested in the role, use a nondescript email address to see if you can ascertain the information.

If you can, and you like the company (or you’re not working for them already), then go ahead and apply.

If you can’t find out this information, it might be best to keep looking for work elsewhere.  You deserve to know the facts, and when they aren’t being presented, there might be a good reason for it.

You need to spend your time wisely when you’re on the hunt for work.  Don’t go into this process without knowing who is looking for someone like you.

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