The Job Search Ninja Bestows His Wisdom Upon Us

Mon, Aug 13, 2012

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We recently had the honor of being invited to the dojo of the mysterious Job Search Ninja, the master who taught us the ways of the great career hunt.  Of course we can’t give you the exact location, but we can tell you that it was somewhere in the wilds of Delaware. It was a peaceful sanctuary nestled at the top of a mountain of stone steps.  We sipped tea together as the sensei shared with us his wisdom regarding the quest for the perfect profession.  He sat on an embroidered pillow, his long white beard twitching as he spoke.  Deep in thought, the Job Search Ninja often closed his eyes when he responded.  Though he is a man of few words, we gained a wealth of knowledge from him that we will carry with us in our hunt.


Q: What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve seen people make when seeking new work?

A: Resumes that are too fat.  You must show your skills, yet demonstrate restraint.  Trim the fat from your resume and leave only the meat that matters – the muscle.


Q: Interesting.  So resumes should be cut back to one page then.  How much time should someone invest when looking for a new position?

A: As much time as it takes.  Put forth the effort and it will show.  You must devote yourself to your pursuit if you wish to be successful.


Q: You say “devote yourself” – what’s the best way to do that?

A: You have connections, you must use them all.  Start with your social network and grow like a strong Oak tree from that point.  You will see there is more than you first imagined.


Q: Tell us, what’s more important: an occupation that pays well or one you love?

A: That is always dependent on the person and the situation.  I cannot make that decision for you.  It is best that you discover something that makes you happy and hunt for that tirelessly.


Q: What should you do once you’re invited in for an interview?

A: Always remain calm.  If you are prepared with a resume in hand and questions to ask, you will be viewed as worthy.  Believe in yourself and you will get far.


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