Humor and Your Job Hunt: A Good Match?

Thu, Aug 16, 2012

Interview Skills

You are a funny guy or gal, and you know that if you just cracked the right joke at the right time, you would get that job.


Now, if you’re trying to become a standup comedian, you do need to have a few really good jokes to tell, but if you’re applying to be a financial manager, you may want to steer clear of the humor.

It’s hard to tell these days what’s appropriate and what’s not.  After all, you see those stories on the news about people who sent something funny to a company, and then the company hired them immediately.

That sounds like a pretty good plan.  But it’s just not something that you can do in all settings, as it might just leave the hiring manager with the impression you’re not serious about the job.

This doesn’t mean you can’t be lighthearted in an interview, but you will want to keep away from anything that someone else may not find funny.  Usually, within the first few minutes of any interview, you will be able to tell if you can relate to the interviewer in a casual manner.

So, let them set the tone of the interview.  If they don’t seem to have any problems with jokes, then you can tell a few too.  But if they stick to the facts, you should probably stick to the facts as well.

Humor is something you can save for your friends at the bar when you’re done with the interview.  And you can also save the humor for when you’re sitting in the break room with other workers at your new job.  That’s a great time to tell appropriate jokes.

(And if you wait, you have plenty of time to practice them too.)

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  1. DM Says:

    Being lighthearted and carrying a smile will always make an interview more pleasurable :)

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  4. tbavol Says:

    Hi Rosella, thank you for your comment.

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