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The Right Person for the Right Job
It’s not enough to match skill sets with job requirements. You need people that are right fit for your work environment and corporate culture. That’s what Integrity Staffing’s recruitment processes do.
Assessment tests
Identify the level of skill
in dozens of categories
Behavioral interviews
Find the right personality
and demeanor
Background Checks
For the real history of our
potential Associates
Credit Checks
Ensure a stable financial
Drug Screens
Help you ensure a drug-free workplace
Job Function Skills
Integrity uses a top of the line computerized testing system that can measure the skill level of each candidate in dozens of job function categories. From Basic Office Skills to Advanced Accounting, we have more than 800 tests to choose from, any of which we customize to meet your precise requirements.

Behavioral Interviews
You might need people that have a high degree of initiative, or you might need them to follow directions precisely. You might need them to work independently, or you might need them to be real
team players. They surely must be committed to quality and have a solid work ethic.
These are the qualities that can make or break the success of an employee, and these are the qualities our in-depth behavioral interviews identify. We explore each candidate’s reaction to various on-the-job situations and listen very carefully as they respond to questions that reflect the kind of Associate they will turn out to be.
Background Checks and Screenings
Knowing what kind of people you’re hiring, whether they are temporary or permanent, gives you peace of mind. Integrity has the ability to run full background checks, drug screenings, and even credit checks, removing that burden from you and giving you assurance that you have stable, high-quality Associates working for you.
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