The Integrity Ethics Hotline (IEH) is a completely CONFIDENTIAL channel for reporting serious concerns and complaints and for bringing the company’s attention to activity that you think violates Integrity’s code of conduct or the law.

The IEH is an escalation tool – BEFORE you use the IEH you should try to get your problem resolved by:

1.) Reaching out to your manager at the location where you work, or at your local branch office. The manager can also provide you with the contact information for your HR/Safety point of contact.

2.) Contacting Integrity Corporate HR or Employee Relations for assistance by telephone at (302) 504-9886 or by sending an email to

3.) If either of these outlets do not get the results you need, OR you want to report something ANONYMOUSLY, you may file a report using the IEH: by telephone at: (833) 520-0055 OR online at:

Whether you report issues anonymously or directly, be assured no retaliation will be tolerated because you report offending or unlawful behavior. The IEH telephone report line and online portal are not part of any Integrity network, so your phone number or email address cannot be traced by Integrity.

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