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The Right Technology Stack Makes Remote HR Work, Work

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During the current COVID-19 wave — and for who knows how many waves in the future — a remote working environment is a necessity. From recruiting to employee management, you'll need virtual platforms to be able to do your job.



Although the use of some digital platforms is now common, face-to-face contact is still the norm in at least one stage of the hiring process. The more you can eliminate that contact, the safer both your staff and job seekers will be.

Virtual job fairs — Many colleges and universities have moved their spring job fairs online; contact the ones in your area to participate.

vFairs — Software to host your own virtual job fair. Also works for other online events such as training.

Brazen — Platform for virtual career fairs, with helpful recruiting features such as text, video and multi-person chat.

GR8 People — Talent acquisition specialists now offering a virtual recruiting event solution free through June, 2020.

ConveyIQ — Video interviewing, interview scheduling, text messaging and email.

Spark Hire — Video interviewing that's scalable from small to large businesses.

VidCruiter — Video interviewing, digital interviews, automated reference checking and more.

HireVue — Online interviewing, assessment and hiring. Uses Industrial-Organizational Psychology to help inform decisionmaking.


Applicant Tracking

Some of the best platforms handle multiple aspects of the marketing, application and interviewing process, for a streamlined and efficient experience.

Jobvite — Various modules include utilizing social media to find candidates; automating applicant tracking and processing; and on-demand video interviewing.

Greenhouse Recruiting — Remote processing of every step from planning and screening to interviewing to hiring. Related products include Greenhouse Onboarding and remote team management.

Oracle Taleo Cloud — Easy-to-use interface for recruiters, candidates and hiring managers. Analyzes and tracks sourcing channels, assessments and candidate communications.


Employee Tools

Human capital management software allows employees to access their pay and benefits with less hassle.

BambooHR — Self-service portal for new employees. Also offers an applicant tracking system, payroll and performance management.

Ultimate Software — Human resources service delivery, payroll, talent and time scheduling, engagement surveys and more.

Zenefits — Onboarding, employee benefits from healthcare to commuter perks, performance reviews, PTO tracking and more.

Namely — Puts HR data in the cloud for frictionless access. Employee engagement and management, onboarding, benefits administration, payroll, analytics and compliance.

PayActiv — The system Integrity uses to support our associates. Early access to wages, electronic bill pay directly from the app, Uber rides to work and more.



We've all heard of Zoom for videoconferencing with WFH staff — as well as its security issues. Consider these options from companies with a good track record of protecting privacy and sensitive information.

Microsoft Teams — Available to anyone who has Office 365 or a personal email address. Supports up to 300 members, guest access, screen sharing and file sharing.

Google Hangouts Meet — For G Suite subscribers but external participants can connect. Maximum participants are 100 for G Suite Basic, 150 for Business and 250 for Enterprise.

GoToMeeting — Audio and video sessions, screen sharing and a mobile app. The cheapest Standard version allows up to 150 members for $14 per month.

Intermedia Unite's AnyMeeting — Exceptional security with end-to-end encryption and HIPPA features. Videoconferencing, chat and screen sharing capabilities. The Pro level is free for all of 2020.

Cisco Webex — Tiered plans starting with a free version that allows 100 participants and unlimited session times. HD video, screen sharing and recording capabilities.

Skype — another Microsoft product that provides free video chat for up to 50 participants and no time limit.


Nobody knows what life and work will look like post-pandemic. It's a pretty sure bet, though, that we won't be going back to the way things were. Remote work tools like these are likely to be a permanent part of the hiring landscape. And since both HR professionals and applicants stand to benefit from an easier, faster process, we think that's a good thing!


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