How to Manage Sudden and Unexpected Growth

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Growth is what every business wants, but too much of a good thing can be a problem. Figuring out how to handle sudden business growth is a challenge for many companies — especially essential startups and smaller organizations that need to hire quickly to keep pace with the heightened demand their growth has created.


Staffing issues for businessesduring times of growth don’t have to slow things down or interfere with business continuity plans, though. All it takes is putting the right steps in place to build a team that can help manage the uptick.


Here are a few tips for putting your own process in place:


1. Partner with a seasoned, well-rounded staffing agency. You don’t need to create and execute a business continuity staffing plan in solitude. Linking up with a staffing partner can be a valuable resource for learning how to manage business growth.


These partners can navigate a litany of staffing issues for businesses of all sizes; they also have theknowledge and expertise to be of value to larger companies. Whether you need help vetting candidates, assessing the hiring market, or collaborating with staffing managers on headcount decisions, a strong staffing agency can create a tailored plan that supports rapid growth, scales quickly, and sources quality staff members efficiently for clients of all sizes.


2. Build a scalable infrastructure. Business continuity planswork best when they’re able to adjust to changing market conditions. Staffing for business growthshould operate the same way and with scalable tactics.


 The right staffing partner will help you evaluate whether your recruitment, onboarding, and associate management processes are scalable in peak situations. When unexpected growth hits, this partner can provide the extra (and temporary) capacity your team needs without the need to add permanent hires. Whether it’s interviewing the influx of candidates, managing preemployment requirements and onboarding, or even providing on-site associate management, having this extra layer of support enables your team to focus on meeting growing business demands.


3. Look for excellent personal and professional fits. Your business growth might demand more hands on deck, but you shouldn’t expand at the cost of morale. When staffing during unexpected growth, look for people who have the talent and temperament to carry you through the surge.


People who are qualified for open roles and good cultural fits will stand a better chance of being long-term, productive additions to your organization. At Integrity Staffing Solutions, culture is such a high priority internally and with our clients that we prominently feature it in our recruitment process outsourcing solution. When learning how to handle sudden business growth, never forget how much people matter.



4. Prioritize engagement and safety.  Motivated employees who feel protected typically perform to the best of their abilities. In the wake of the coronavirus, however, employee engagement and safety matter even more.


To start, focus on the basics:


• Telemedicine: With plenty of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, minimizing contact has become a short-term standard. Including telemedicine in healthcare benefits packages can help employees maintain a standard of health and care without fear of the virus spreading.


• Personal Protective Equipment: Providing these products (e.g., face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer) as well as an already sterilized environment is essential to making sure associates feel protected and comfortable in the workplace.


• Paid Time Off: Business continuity plansmust include paid time off for all employees, including sick time. Any worker — regardless of the associated illness — should get two weeks of paid leave to minimize contact with healthy employees and give sick workers the chance to recover.


• Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs): Physical and mental wellness should be a priority at this time. EAPs give employees and their family members access to resources they need to help deal with mental health issues and other personal matters.


Sudden business growth is a welcome problem, but it becomes easier to manage that growth when you have the kind of team that can help you see things through. By partnering with an agency, building a scalable process, and making health and engagement a priority, staffing through growth periods can be controlled without spiraling into something unmanageable.


Integrity Staffing Solutions is a full-service staffing agency and ranks in the top 2% of agencies across the country for quality service based on ClearlyRated’s “Best of Staffing” client survey. To learn more about Integrity or for help with your hiring needs, visit or call 833-446-1300.


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