Why Measuring Engagement Among Associates Is Essential

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Trust in the workplace is a valuable currency. When colleagues believe in one another and their managers, they believe in what they’re doing. They can focus on the task at hand and know they’re up to date on what’s happening at the company.


When trust is present, employee and associate engagement levels go up. The result? Higher-quality output as well as a more stable and productive internal culture. Measuring engagement provides a useful snapshot of where you stand with associates and how strong their buy-in is. To bring those metrics into focus, try the following:


1. Survey your employees regularly. Trust in the workplace and engagement can each become more apparent through regular, open feedback loops with staff. No matter how you take the temperature of your team, this feedback is critical to measuring engagement.


An employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), for instance, presents workers with several questions about how likely they are to be advocates for the company on a scale of zero to 10. Based on the average of their responses, employees are either promoters (9-10), passives (6-8), or detractors (0-5).


While getting promoters and passives is the goal, detractors are the ones you’ll want to focus on. When trying to figure out how to build trust in the workplace, reach out to those struggling to engage and figure out what you can do to serve them and their production better.


2. Conduct on-site conversations. If your staffing company offers on-site support, make sure to use the platform to chat with associates regularly during the workday. This employee-employer communication is an informal insight into associates’ day-to-day activities and a real-time method of measuring engagement.


During these check-ins, encourage respondents to be honest, thorough, and specific. If more support is needed, ask how you can provide that support. Use these interactions as a time to encourage associates to bring anything to the table that they think will benefit the company and improve the overall company experience.


3. Track production and attrition rates. When measuring engagement, look at how much gets done and how many employees you retain. These are two surface-level metrics that should catch your attention if you start to see them slide.


Attrition rate is the number of employee separations divided by the average number of employees multiplied by 100. Add context to those figures by doing exit interviews and seeing whether any single factor contributes to attrition the most. By combining the feedback from those interviews with attrition numbers, you can shed light on direct steps you can take to engage and retain valued associates.


When companies and leaders build trust in the workplace, engagement will follow. Be a business that goes above and beyond to create an engaging and supportive culture that regularly inspires your team to succeed.


Integrity Staffing Solutions is a full-service staffing agency and ranks in the top 2% of agencies across the country for quality service based on ClearlyRated’s “Best of Staffing” client survey. To learn more about Integrity or for help with your hiring needs, visit integritystaffing.com or call 833-446-1300.

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