High Volume Staffing Solutions Shouldn't Be One-Size-Fits-All

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It's simple, right? High volume staffing is all about filling dozens, hundreds or thousands of temporary positions as fast as possible. Well, yes, that's the goal. But how you achieve that goal can make a big difference in how successfully those workers — and your business — perform.


The mistakes we see include:

  • Hiring any and everyone even remotely suitable, without much in the way of assessments
  • Using multiple staffing vendors, with inconsistent service levels
  • Multiple company locations, each with its own procedures
  • Not planning for staffing challenges such as pay rates, shift times, cultural differences and workers' ability to reach the location


At Integrity, our high volume expertise lies in preventing all those difficulties. Our consultative approach to partnering with our clients creates a custom tailored solution which addresses all the factors that make each company unique. Here's what we believe you should look for in a high volume staffing provider.



Flexibility is key to timely reaction in rapidly changing market conditions. The provider should have the capability to immediately recruit, engage and onboard temporary workers for a client of any size.



A high volume staffing agency should bring state-of-the-art tools for understanding local markets, sourcing and assessing the most effective candidates, and tracking them through the application funnel.


Workforce Management

A provider team located on your worksite can save innumerable headaches. Orientation and safety training, performance tracking, dispute resolution and other HR issues are handled by the team, leaving your own HR department free to focus on their core roles.



Centralized solutions for workforce acquisition and management should reduce inconsistencies and save client managers' time by consolidating all information into comprehensive reports.


Attrition Control

Management strategy should consider corporate culture and worker incentives to ensure that retention and productivity maintain consistently high levels.


Track Record

Your provider should have a demonstrable history of success with order fill rates, worker performance, jobsite safety and all the other factors we discussed above.


Learn More

For 20+ years, Integrity has been an industry leader in high volume staffing and has partnered with some of the biggest workforces in the country. To learn more about our temporary staffing solutions, visit our website, email us or call 1.888.446.1300.



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