HR Liftoff Podcast Leader Megan Couch Shares Her Secrets to Success

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HR Liftoff is Integrity Staffing Solutions' bi-weekly podcast discussing all things HR with some of the biggest names in the business. Informative and entertaining, the podcast is hosted by Chief Information Officer Megan Couch, who infuses every conversation with her spirited sense of humor as well as her 20+ years of expertise.


We sat down with Couch to learn what motivates her — in her podcast, her job and her life.


Q: Tell us a little about yourself.

Having worked with many major clients in the fields of e-commerce and logistics, I believe my strength is in building relationships, listening to peoples' stories and finding practical solutions to reaching their goals.


I have one 14-year-old son, Jackson, and a grumpy dog, Bunny, of the same age. I love singing karaoke, even though I'm not great at remembering song titles — unless they're by Aretha Franklin.


Q: What inspired you to launch the HR Liftoff podcast?

There is a great quote that says, "Someday you will take your dreams to the grave with you." I think that’s true. I always thought of starting a podcast "someday" but finally decided to make it happen now.


Podcasting is an excellent medium for listeners who commit. I had a voice and I wanted to hear and raise other voices about relevant and timely topics. These range from current market conditions and recruiting outlooks to engaging with applicants and employees, and even great causes like Comfort Cases, a nonprofit which focuses on children in foster care.


Simply put, I like to talk and like to listen to others. Hoping others do, too!


Q: What do you find most rewarding about working in HR/staffing?

The people I meet and work with. Talking to applicants and associates [temporary workers] is rewarding, especially when I see them get hired permanently or the impact the position has made on their lives.


The people that I work with at Integrity are amazing. I think everyone probably feels they have to say that, but I mean it. They inspire me and make me want more for myself and them.


I also learn so much from our clients. Situations that we need to work through, scenarios that no one would even dream of, and figuring things out to make it work.


Q: What types of trends and advice can listeners expect from the HR Liftoff podcast?

Of course, the current hot topic is the COVID-19 pandemic. Coming up, there will be some great information about the impact on high school students and their plans and, overall, what the data is telling us about how COVID will affect the labor market through 2022 and beyond. We'll also go behind the scenes of secret shopping. The ideas and solutions discussed are things that can help right now, not a year from now.


Q: Is there anything you’ve learned from a podcast guest that stands out?

I can honestly say I have learned something from every guest — that’s the funniest part! I have learned different employee engagement tools, including PayActiv, a great company we work with, and how it helps educate and assist employees with balancing  their wages.


Q: What is the biggest benefit of a podcast platform, as opposed to other types of social media?

A podcast has people really listening, and wanting to understand the content. A couple of years ago, podcasts with a serial format really started to take off, but targeted content podcasts have become increasingly popular. Listeners can access them in so many different ways.


Podcasts used to be something to listen to on a morning commute or at the gym. While the current climate has changed that, people are still consuming the content as a means to change up their daily routines. The most significant benefit is the ability to listen wherever you want to.


Q: What guest would you most love to have on the podcast in the future?

My first choice would be Dave Clark, Amazon’s SVP of Worldwide Operations. Second is [actress] Betty White, because I think she would be hilarious. And if I could book them together, that would be best of all!


To download or listen to Megan Couch's HR Liftoff podcast, visit Integrity's web page


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