2020 End Of Year Highlights

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Highlights of 2020 (Yes, There Were Some)


As 2020 comes to an end, most of us are saying good riddance to a year of unprecedented changes and challenges to the ways we live and work. However, there were also some great things happening at Integrity, and we'd like to remember them here.


We'll go forward into 2021 empowered by the triumphs of human spirit that were demonstrated by Integrity's team and associates during those difficult times. A great big thank you to each and every individual who contributed to Integrity's journey, and a toast to your success in the new year!


Here are just 5 of the many, many Integrity staff and associates who made a difference in 2020.


Lourdes Eldridge — How to Be a Leader


Integrity values leadership qualities at every level, and Lourdes is a perfect example. As Program Manager, she focuses on helping her team work to the best of their abilities, enabling them to grow in their own careers while providing candidates with an exceptional experience. Her advice to others wishing to develop as leaders: "Never say no to an opportunity to learn new things!"


James Probus — COVID-19 Safety


During the 2020 pandemic, Integrity leadership was tasked with developing and implementing health and safety procedures at warp speed. This was critical not just for our own staff, but for the thousands of our associates who were deemed essential workers and needed to be on the job. As HR/Safety Business Partner, James addressed the educational channels that would keep everyone up to speed on PPE, sanitization and health check requirements.


Darius Bowles — ASA All-Star Associate Award


Every year, staffing companies around the nation nominate their best associates to receive an award from the American Staffing Association. Competition is fierce, and in 2020 Integrity's own Darius Bowles took the honor as Industrial Sector All-Star! Read more about his inspiring journey from homelessness to temp to permanent employment on the ASA website. We just love enabling people like Darius to exceed their own expectations and achieve their dreams!


Barry Barnett — Hiring People with Positivity


If candidates were evaluated just on their resume or test scores, "computers would do all our hiring," Barry says. As Coordinator – Central Services, his mission is to get to know each applicant personally, because it's the only way to know how someone will succeed on the job. "We want to hear what you are passionate about, why you want this position, and what drives you." So go ahead, show your enthusiasm, and get an edge on a job with Integrity!


Jaime Donnelly — Philadelphia Business Journal's CFO of the Year


We celebrated another significant award in 2020, when the Philadelphia Business Journal honored Jaime Donnelly for her "professionalism, resilience, integrity and complete mastery of social and financial skills." Jaime started her career as a temp at Amazon, quickly rising to permanent employment followed by management positions. After joining Integrity, she worked her way up from finance team assistant to her current role as Chief Financial Officer.


These stories show us that success is always possible, even in hard times. Let's make 2021 the year that all our career dreams come true!

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