Employee Spotlight: Kimberly Nichols on Responsive Leadership

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Kimberly Nichols, MBA, is Integrity Director of Client Services. She discusses her people-oriented management style and the fast adaptations necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic.


Q: What does your typical day look like?


My focus is on taking care of my direct reports, clients and internal partners across my region. Each day may differ, however it generally involves working with my direct reports to keep their sites operating successfully, as well as partnering with my peers and staffing clients to ensure that all operations run smoothly.


Q: What do you enjoy most about your role?


I like fast-paced, changing environments, and although many things in my day are routine, each day brings something new that I can learn from or challenge myself and my team in different ways. This has been especially relevant this past year with all of the constant changes needed to run our business efficiently while taking into account COVID-19 safety protocols.


Q: What stands out most to you about Integrity?


The people. Integrity looks at customer service in such a multi-dimensional way that includes our interaction with clients. Every candidate and associate is top of mind in all that we do. Looking at it this way, we are constantly able to put our best foot forward to provide great experiences for all.


Q: How do our Core Values play into your day-to-day tasks and interactions?


The Core Value that stands out right now is "Run with Thoroughbreds" because, in such an unprecedented year, I have had to adjust my leadership in different ways to resolve issues quickly, work with internal partners on delivering our field teams the resolutions they need to keep staff and candidates safe, while still pushing the business forward in what has been a very busy and ever-changing time.


Q: What do you find most rewarding about your role?


There are so many great things that feel rewarding to me, but I think the best is being able to help resolve issues in the field. The opportunity to help my direct reports work through challenges — whether it be a unique candidate issue or a process challenge — pushes me to think creatively for resolutions as well as often opening up developmental opportunities for my direct reports.


Q: Tell us about a project or professional accomplishment that stands out to you.


Professionally, I am extremely proud that I was able to obtain my MBA in Organizational Leadership and Supply Chain Management in December 2019.


Q: What advice you would give to candidates considering working for Integrity?


If working for a company that values people first is important for you, Integrity is your place. In a time when things are abnormal, and we are unsure of a lot, it is amazing to be apart of an organization that cares about its people.


In Kimberly's spare time, she loves cooking and creating new recipes. She is also a member of the coaching staff for the Saint Joseph's University Cheerleading Team. Go Hawks!

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