The Recruitment Tech Stack for 2021 and Beyond

  • The Recruitment Tech Stack for 2021 and Beyond

New technology is challenging the status quo of HR recruiting in many ways. At Integrity Staffing Solutions, we continually monitor our capabilities, tweaking and reinventing our systems as necessary to meet evolving challenges.


This past year saw many such challenges, as the coronavirus pandemic reshaped the ways we work with clients and interact with candidates. Our software development partners have helped tremendously as we pivoted operations and accelerated already emerging trends.


Here's an overview of our tech stack components and how they enable us to engage the best candidates and place them in their optimum positions with maximum efficiency.



Workflow automation customizes and simplifies our efforts, allowing us to hire up to 90% faster at half the cost. Remote interactions allow socially distanced onboarding so that every associate can hit the ground running.


  • Virtual testing and training — including skills assessments and safety procedures. Results are automatically loaded into our reporting system to share with associates, team members and clients.


  • Electronic onboarding — including digital documents such as tax forms. Executed documents are available to all who need them and are easy to access and update.


Phenom People

This talent experience management platform (TXM) connects every interaction throughout the talent lifecycle. It provides a customized, positive experience for candidates and better quality hires for our clients.


  • Artificial intelligence — including chat bots, custom job profiles and automatic nurturing of active and passive leads. Individuals are understood quickly and deeply, and matched with right-fit positions faster than ever.


  • Customizable career website — including dynamic content, videos and graphics. It goes far beyond a traditional job board in creating a warm, engaging user experience; and as the data evolves, so will the site, without the cost or upkeep.



Picking up where Phenom stops, this automated communication and engagement platform seamless integrates with our ATS to empower our recruiting, marketing and sales teams. Its scope includes recruitment marketing, on-assignment emails, chatbots, two-way texting for recruiters, Net Promoter Score (NPA) tracking and performance analytics.


  • Personalized communications — replaces manual tasks with smart touchpoints that respond to talent in real-time.


  • Message studio — delivers branded, rich-media messages, reminders, surveys and videos by text or email.


  • Filters and triggers — use any event or type of profile data to trigger messages and workflows, eliminating the need for manual status updates on candidates.


  • Reporting — real-time data, automatically delivered.



This customer engagement software provides ticketing support across multiple channels. We can now solve tickets via web, phone, email, SMS and social media within one platform, thus saving time, boosting customer satisfaction and lowering costs.


  • Workflow automation — artificial intelligence helps us route tickets immediately to the right person or department, improving efficiencies and reducing time-to-solve.


  • Employee onboarding — Each step is assigned to the group responsible, and the ticket is updated and forwarded as each team does its part.


  • Internal helpdesk — creates consumer-like experiences for our clients, associates and team members.


  • Reporting — real-time data on time needed to process a ticket, wait times in each stage and more.




With this unified, global communications app, our teams will no longer need diverse channels such as Zoom and Trillian. They can connect and collaborate on any device, from anywhere.


  • One-stop workspace — including team messaging, file drag-and-drop, pinning essential documents and sharing directly from tools like Google Drive.


  • Task management —assigns tasks, updates stakeholders and moves projects forward with ease.


  • Remote work friendly — superb quality HD voice and video with industry-leading 99.999% uptime. Join and host meetings from a browser or the RingCentral app; one-tap switching from phone call to video meeting; live meeting switching from any device to another.


Learn more about Integrity Staffing's recruitment technology tools.

We've assembled all of the above capabilities with one goal in mind: to ensure that each client, and each associate we place with them, has the best possible experience. To learn more about our staffing solutions, visit our website, email us or call 1.888.446.1300.

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