Recruitment Redefined: Factors Challenging the Traditional Status Quo

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What if your recruiting team could be faster, stronger and better at putting the right person in the right role? By taking advantage of new tools and trends, you can do all that — and be more cost-efficient, too.


Following is an overview of the forces we see changing how candidates are sourced, qualified, hired and onboarded.


Technology takes over the gruntwork

In our last blog, we discussed the tech stack Integrity Staffing Solutions currently uses to improve performance — both our own and our job applicants'. From workflow automation to custom-triggered communications to data analysis, these artificial intelligence tools save many hours on low-level tasks and allow our teams to devote more time to the judgement and decision-making activities that only experienced professionals can do.


And yes, there is still a vital role for humans in Human Resources. Current advances in recruitment are mostly about technology, but ultimately, the technology is there to serve the team. Each team member's unique experience contributes insights, maximizes productivity and helps synthesize innovative solutions.


Communication keeps candidates in the pipeline

Consistent follow-up and timely response to candidates have traditionally been a huge stumbling block for most HR departments — especially when a new location or department needs to ramp up quickly with multiple hires. It's just not economically feasible to have enough HR staff on the payroll for optimum communication with every applicant. Yet, how many promising candidates are lost to the competition because of radio silence on our end?


The answer, once again, is automated communications, which are now easy to customize to your purposes. Chat bots handle appointment scheduling. Drip or event-triggered contacts — via phone call, SMS or email — nurture active and passive leads. Dynamic websites engage candidates with videos, graphics and content about your corporate culture.


Remote work removes logistical roadblocks

We believe one long-lasting effect of the COVID pandemic will be remote communications, whether it's file sharing among WFH staff members or job interviews on Zoom. Born out of necessity, it is now improving efficiencies through reduced meeting times and faster dissemination of relevant materials.


Candidates are processed more easily as well. Job applications, pre-employment testing, document submission and onboarding are all accomplished online now at Integrity Staffing Solutions. The candidates and new hires love it as much as we do, since it's more convenient for them, too.


Data analysis improves candidate sourcing and selection

There's a lot of room for error in bringing candidates to your door; and the wrong decision can be costly. The job posting must be well written; it must be advertised in the channel where the right candidate will see it; and the candidate's skill set must be assessed. Artificial intelligence can ensure accuracy in all these steps.


Data mining takes a deeper dive into previous marketing performance to guide best deployment of the current advertising budget. Customized job profiles attract better qualified candidates. Testing for both hard and soft skills helps select employees who will fit well with your corporate culture. And all this is done with minimal time and effort from HR staff.


Methods change but the goal is the same

When deciding which recruiting or office management tools to add to our repertoire, we at Integrity always keep in mind our primary focus: putting each person into their best possible role with optimum efficiency. In so doing, we create more opportunity for success for individual associates, their fellow team members and the entire company.


To learn more about our staffing solutions, visit our website, email us or call 1.888.446.1300.

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