How to Keep Yourself and Others Safe on the Job
The wellbeing of our associates, many of whom are essential workers, is always at the forefront of our minds and the driving force behind our safety efforts. That's why we've taken the American Staffing Association (ASA) Safely Back to Work Pledge to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.   We've ensured that our associates and their workplaces have the tools and procedures to support this commitment. But that can't be the entire solution. The rest is up to you, the workers who use the COVID protocols and equipment every day. Here's how you can help defeat this terrible enemy, and get our "normal lives" back faster.   Mask up — For associates and Integrity Opportunity Center staff, face masks are required at all times while on the worksite. But to be effective, they must be worn the right way, entirely covering your nose and mouth.   Wash hands often — with soap/water or hand sanitizer, especially: Before touching your nose, mouth or eyes Before touching food After...
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Ask an Integrity Expert — About COVID-19 Safety on Assignment
  Welcome to our new series, "Ask an Integrity Expert!" These blogs will feature Ellen Kuntzmann, Director of Talent Acquisition at Integrity, answering the most frequently asked questions we hear from our job candidates and associates.   Q: What COVID-19 safety measures do you have in place at each location?   A: Integrity has always required safety inspections and protocols at every job site where our associates will be placed. Since the advent of COVID-19, our efforts have become even more comprehensive. Here's what you can expect:   Daily temperature checks when entering the building   Online symptom checker must be filled out by the associate   Face masks must be worn for the duration of the shift   Social distancing enforced with plastic barriers, rearranged furniture/equipment and traffic flow control   Remote processing of job application steps such as I9 completion   Contactless drug testing   Any company that cares...
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The Role Telemedicine for Employees Plays in a Business Continuity Plan
Hospital and doctor’s office visits are a necessary evil. While they are for our own good, these sessions can be time-consuming, uncomfortable, and inconvenient. The emergence of telemedicine has helped ease those potential worries by providing an immediate and user-friendly option for patient care. For the companies that employ these patients, telemedicine can be a game-changer for business continuity plans. And when it’s implemented as one of the primary health and safety measures in the workplace, telemedicine gives employees added peace of mind. Why Your Business Continuity Plan Needs Telemedicine While telemedicine isn’t new, relatively few companies have included it in their employee benefits packages. But as companies look for new and efficient ways to keep their workforce well, it’s a forward-thinking way of investing in employee health. Now more than ever, employee safety and well-being are top of mind. Employees returning to the office amid the ongoing COVID-19...
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