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10 New Ways to Intro Your Email
  Dear Fill-in-the-Name,  This is to inform you that the above is the commonest email (and letter) opening in history. It's the safe choice ... but don't expect your reader to stay awake.    If it's just a courtesy note, you don't need it to instigate immediate attention or action. But in a business setting, you quite often do. Try one of these 10 options for making a more memorable connection:    1. Hi, Fill-in-the-Name  Creates an informal conversation with people you know well.    2. Good morning/afternoon  Somewhat more formal. Also a good dodge if you don't know the name or gender of the person you're emailing.    3. Just got your email  Tells the recipient that you are making him/her your top priority.    4. Here's the info you requested  Gets high readership because it's something the recipient wants to know about.    5. I have an update/news for you  Communicates that the email contains must-see information.    6. Checking in  For...
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