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Is Integrity hiring for Amazon hiring during COVID-19 crisis?

Yes, we have ramped up hiring to support the people relying on Amazon’s service in this stressful time. Integrity jobs at Amazon fall under the 'essential' category. 

I’m laying off my employees because of COVID-19, are there temporary jobs until I can hire them back?

 We understand that many jobs are being furloughed or lost in the current environment. We want both employers and employees to know we welcome them on our teams until things return to normal. If you are an employer, direct your employees to  to to find short-term jobs with Amazon. 

Are facemasks or face coverings required?

During this unprecedented crisis, the safety of every Integrity associate and Staff member is our number one priority. We are especially concerned for those of you who must remain on the front lines.


We are therefore instituting these new requirements, starting immediately:


ONSITE - Integrity Staff Members at client locations must wear a face covering if it is required by the client. If it is not required per the client, it is highly recommended. 


ASSOCIATES - We recommend all Integrity Associates wear a face covering of some kind covering their nose and mouth from arrival at the work location through the departure of their shift or office hours. If the client requires wearing a face covering, it is required to be worn. 


OPPORTUNITY CENTER - Staff members are required to wear face-covering (one provided by Integrity or homemade)  


- FREE masks will be available daily to all Integrity employees, including Placement Specialists and Coordinators, at the FCs and OCs.

- If you prefer to make and use your own face mask please be sure the mask complies with the following criteria: 

- Fabric masks should be secured with an ear loop to be placed behind the ears and cover the nose and extend below the chin. 

- Fabric used for facemasks should meet the following specifications: latex-free, hypoallergenic, fiberglass-free, fluid-resistant, and three-ply construction.

- Additionally, those with respiratory or heart concerns should confirm with their healthcare provider what the best guidance is for facemask use and let HR know if some adjustment is needed.


During breaks, in designated break areas, the covering can be removed as long the social distancing rules are being strictly followed while in these areas. 


Because we are committed to your health and safety, any staff member who refuses to comply with this face mask policy will be sent home and will be subject to disciplinary action up to termination. While this may sound harsh, the safety off all associates and staff members is paramount.  


Thank you for your commitment to keeping yourself, everyone on our team, as well as the people each of you encounters, healthy and safe. Download our Facemask FAQs below. 



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