When our associates have the opportunity to thrive, our clients have the opportunity to succeed.


Every day, we generate successful opportunities for our associates across North America. We work to make each associate’s experience the most rewarding, positive and productive it can be.

We start with the way we recruit, with the language we speak, and the way we welcome and relate to people. We are candid, straightforward and honest about the jobs we have to offer, and about the demands of each assignment.

We expect great things from people; they should expect a great experience with us.

Everyone in our company will view the world through the lens of our associates’ lives. We will advocate for their daily success. To that end, no detail is too small to consider. No circumstance is too inconsequential. Every piece of the puzzle has value toward meeting the business objectives of our clients.

While our everyday focus is on the here and now, we shape each relationship to have lasting positive impact. When our associates complete their assignments, our clients will move their businesses forward, our communities’ economies will grow, and the next steps in our associates’ lives will lead to a higher place.

Our people are our brand. They shape our reputation. Their ingenuity and passion will leave a legacy of positive impact on companies and communities long after their assignments are finished. Most important, our associates will have exceeded their own expectations about themselves, and they will transform future challenges into opportunities for better lives.

Our clients are re-inventing the way the economy works. Our associates bring deep competence that helps our clients change the marketplace.

Together, we generate opportunities for everyone to thrive in ways, big and small, which make a huge difference. We drive the world—and its workforce—forward.

We’re the engine of the new economy. We’re Integrity Staffing Solutions.

Your Opportunity Engine.





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