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Popular Questions

I have a question about the hours on my pay check.

If you have questions about your paycheck, please contact your Recruiter or local office immediately.

When is my payroll correction going to be completed?

If your paycheck correction is for less than 10 hours, it will appear on your next weekly paycheck. You can identify this correction by finding the previous week ending date under earnings on the left side of the check along with the hours adjustment removing the old hours and paying you for the proper hours. If your paycheck correction is for more than 10 hours, you will receive a separate paycheck on the following Friday. 


How do I get the Integrity Employee Portal App?

The Integrity Employee Portal Application is available on both Apple and Android Devices. Click on the links below to be directed to the download locations on the Google Play Store and iTunes. You can also access it via the web HERE


Android Device Link


Apple Device Link

How many attendance points do I have?

In order to help you, an agent will need to chat with you now. Please click on the live chat in the corner. 


What is the approved time off policy?

We appreciate that life gets crazy and that you have other important responsibilities. We understand. This is why on your 21st day of work, we will give you 40 hours of approved time off and 5 late passes. Use that time as you wish.

Please note that you must use the ATO (approved time off) in ½ shift or full shift increments. Please also let us know that you plan to use your ATO to cover an absence (either when you call out or in advance). 

If you would like to use your approved time off, please visit the Integrity on-site office. 


I am going to be late for my shift or I am going to call out for my shift today.

In order to help you, an agent will need to chat with you now.


Please click on the live chat in the corner to begin.

What is the attendance policy?

We are all part of a team- you rely on us to help you be successful, we rely on you to come to work on the days you are scheduled to come to work. But we also recognize that sometimes you need to miss work.  We want to make sure that you understand the credit system our clients use.


If you cannot make it to work, always call out. Missing work and not calling out is a No Call No Show, and two back to back No Call No Shows will result in a termination of your assignment.


Calling out for your whole shift will incur 1.5 credits and leaving and hour or less early (or coming in less than an hour late) will give you a ½ credit. If you accumulate 6 credits or more, your assignment is in jeopardy.


credits are not forever. They roll off 90 days after they occur so manage your credits well!

Is my shift scheduled for Overtime?

The Overtime Hotline number for:


Allentown, PA: 

ABE2/3: (866) 203-8364

ABE4: (800) 288-7904 ext. 3

BTH1: (484) 635-1854

Atlanta, GA: (800) 288-9346 ext. 3

Avenel, NJ:

EWR5: (866) 203-3106 ext. 3

EWR9: (866) 495-8565 ext. 3

LGA7: (800) 288-7903

Baltimore, MD: (800) 515-8791 ext. 3

Campbellsville, KY: (800) 591-5986 ext. 3

Charleston, SC: (843) 789-5010

Chattanooga, TN:

CHA1: (423) 954-6122

CHA2: (423) 780-4223

Columbia, SC: (803) 791-6522 ext. 3

Columbus, OH:

CMH1: (877) 683-0264 ext. 3

CMH2: (877) 684-5069 ext. 3

Chester/Petersburg, VA:

RIC1: (800) 928-5603 

RIC2: (800) 929-5313

Fall River, MA: (800) 288-7924 ext. 3

Harrisburg, PA:

MDT1: (866) 441-7199 ext. 3

PHL4: (866) 321-8852 ext. 3

PHL5: (866) 321-8853 ext. 3

PHL6: (866) 248-8263 ext. 3

Hazleton, PA: 

AVP1: (866) 203-8357

AVP8: (800) 288-9545 ext. 3

Hebron, KY:

CVG1: (859) 384-5480 ext. 3

CVG2: (866) 495-8569 ext. 3

CVG3: (859) 292-3500 ext. 3

Indianapolis, IN: 

IND1: (317) 769-8096

IND2: (317) 837-9284

IND4: (317) 227-3448

IND5: (317) 837-1486

Joliet, IL:

MDW2: (866)495-8567

MDW4: (800) 288-8695

MDW6: (800) 288-8714

Kansas City, KS: (877) 686-2826

Kenosha, WI: (866) 492-1937

Leesburg, VA: (866) 203-8363

Lexington, KY:

LEX1: (866) 503-9984

LEX2: (866) 503-9986

Louisville, KY:

SDF4: (866) 423-5352

SDF6: (866) 423-5354

SDF8: (800) 929-6095

SDF9: (866) 423-5357

Middletown, DE:

PHL1: (888) 322-2129

PHL7: (800) 927-9703

Minneapolis, MN: (877) 664-9466

Nashua, NH: (603) 579-1700

Nashville, TN:

BNA2: (800) 929-7813

BNA3: (800) 928-4566

Phoenix, AZ: 

PHX3: (623) 474-8886

PHX5: (623) 925-4395

PHX6: (602) 353-5997

PHX7: (623) 201-5397

Reno, NV: (800) 928-5613

Spartanburg, SC: (800) 928-4760

St. Louis, MO: (877) 455-1605

Trenton, NJ:

EWR4: (877) 586-3444

GEO1: (609) 207-7162

Windsor, CT: (866) 495-8564

York, PA: (717) 792-8933


If your respective site is not listed, please reach out to an Integrity representative for assistance.



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