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I have a question about the hours on my pay check.

If you have questions about your paycheck, please contact your Recruiter or local office immediately.

When is my payroll correction going to be completed?

If your paycheck correction is for less than 10 hours, it will appear on your next weekly paycheck. You can identify this correction by finding the previous week ending date under earnings on the left side of the check along with the hours adjustment removing the old hours and paying you for the proper hours. If your paycheck correction is for more than 10 hours, you will receive a separate paycheck on the following Friday. 


How do I get the Integrity Employee Portal App?

The Integrity Employee Portal Application is available on both Apple and Android Devices. Click on the links below to be directed to the download locations on the Google Play Store and iTunes. You can also access it via the web HERE


Android Device Link


Apple Device Link

Integrity Ethics Hotline

The Integrity Ethics Hotline (IEH) is a Completely CONFIDENTIAL channel for reporting serious concerns and complains and for bringing the Company's attention to activity that you think violates Integrity's code of conduct or the law. 


The IEH is an escalation tool - BEFORE you use the IEH you should try to get your problem resolved by:


1.) Reaching out to your HR or Ops Team at the location where you work.


2.) Contacting Integrity Corporate HR or Employee Relations for assistance by Telephone at (302) 504-9886 or by sending an email to


3.) If either of these outlets do not get the results you need, OR you want to report something ANONYMOUSLY, then file a report using the IEH: by telephone call: (833) 520-0055 OR report online:


Whether you report issues anonymously or directly, be assured no retaliation will be tolerated because you report offending or unlawful behavior. The IEH telephone report line and online portal are not part of any Integrity network so your phone number or email address cannot be traced by Integrity. 


What if I need a job accommodation?

Integrity Staffing Solutions complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the ADAAA and applicable state and local laws prohibiting discrimination in employment based on a person’s physical, mental or sensory disability.


If you have a disability that affects your ability to perform your job and you feel you need an accommodation, please contact your Integrity manager, Integrity HR Team Member, or Integrity Safety Team Member. You can also inform us during your interview.  Integrity Staffing Solutions has an interactive process in which we work with you to determine if a reasonable accommodation is necessary and what would be an appropriate accommodation. 


The Accommodation Central Team is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the Reasonable Accommodation process.  If there are any questions, please send an email to




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