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Integrity Connect - Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the terms for the Integrity Staffing Solutions, Inc. Referral Program.  To qualify for a referral bonus (Referral Bonus), you must be either (1) a resident of the United States of America who is eighteen years of age or older and legally authorized to work in the United States or (2) a business, or other organization that is authorized to conduct business in the United States. When making a referral, you must use the Referral Program portal and provide a new job seeker’s contact information (name, phone number, and email) using the “Refer-A-Friend” function. The referred job seeker must be placed in the temporary position and work a minimum number of hours as outlined in the individual referral campaign. You will not earn a Referral Bonus if the referred job seeker does not meet the required terms for the campaign to which you referred them.  You are not eligible for a Referral Bonus for any referrals made prior to September 1, 2019, or for any referrals that are made outside the Referral Program portal.

The purpose of the Integrity Staffing Solutions, Inc. (Integrity Staffing) Referral Program is to attract new job seekers to Integrity Staffing Solutions. For purposes of this Referral Program, a new job seeker (Job Seeker) is a referred candidate who does not have a valid application on file at the time of the referral.   You can earn only one Referral Bonus per Job Seeker referred, and you can’t refer yourself. Only one Referral Bonus per referred Job Seeker will be paid. If multiple parties refer the same Job Seeker, the first party to refer a Job Seeker will be awarded the Referral Bonus for that Job Seeker. We will endeavor to pay Referral Bonuses within thirty days after: (1) we verify that all criteria to earn the bonus (as outlined in the individual referral campaign terms and conditions) has been satisfied (including verification that the Job Seeker met the terms of the referral campaign to which they were referred) and (2) after all required information is obtained from referrer.


We reserve the right to modify or discontinue the Referral Program and to modify these terms and conditions at any time in our sole and absolute discretion. Third party recruiters, recruitment agencies, vendors and Integrity employees who are not billable to an Integrity client, Integrity billable staff members, Integrity clients, hiring managers, or anyone involved in the hiring decision related to the candidate they referred are excluded from participation in this Referral Program.    Any referral that would violate any non-compete, non-solicitation, or otherwise create a conflict of interest for Integrity Staffing, at Integrity Staffing’s sole discretion, will not be considered for a Referral Bonus.

If you are an employee of Integrity Staffing or any affiliate, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms:(1) any and all time spent referring, locating or inviting potential employees under this Referral Program is non-compensable and voluntary; (2) your only expectation of compensation is limited to any job seeker referral bonuses properly awarded under this Referral Program in Integrity Staffing’s sole and absolute discretion; and (3) any recruitment efforts you undertake while participating in this Referral Program do not involve significant time; and (4) any activity is limited to after-hours solicitation of those in your social network.  Additionally, eligible current Integrity Staffing employees will receive their payment as supplemental income subject to tax withholding in their paycheck.


For non-Integrity Staffing employees or organizations: you will be required to complete the Workllama LLC (Workllama) onboarding process and provide an IRS form W-9 (and any other document that Workllama may require) to receive the referral bonus.  After you have submitted the required paperwork and contact information, payment will be made by WorkLlama.  In accordance with IRS guidelines, if total payment(s) exceed the annual reporting amount as required by the IRS, you will receive a 1099 for the year payment was received from WorkLlama LLC.




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