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Day 18: Specific Job Research
  After researching the company as a whole, a good practice is to see what types of specific job details you can research. For instance, what is the company’s organizational structure and how does that affect the position you are applying for. Each company uses various terms to denote rank weather its assistant, manager, director, or VP. The titles and how they all work together varies from company to company.   Similar to what we mentioned for the cover letter, Identify the pain points for that specific team within the organization if the information is available. For example, if you applying for a social media marketing position with a company look over their social media presence, what their respective brand is, and how they can better optimize social media. A simple way to find some of the pain points are to look at the job description and see what duties the job is looking for. While in some cases it’s hard to assess what each company does well or not if the work is not...
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Day 9: Social Media
  Do Recruiters Check Your Social Media?  In a word of evolving technology, social media is now usually your first impression on an employer or recruiter. Chances are when you’re talking to that recruiter over the phone for that pre-screening phone interview, they are looking at your profile picture or what you ate for lunch last Monday. In fact, 80% of recruiters check applicants Facebook pages prior to making a hiring decision.   Be Authethentic. Keep in mind that you have control of what information you put on the internet and what image you portray. Avoid offensive photos or controversial posts on your social media. This is particularly something to remember if your accounts are public and anyone can search them. Check your social media privacy settings to make sure you know what content is public information. A great way to check out your public online presence is through This website flags any potentially damaging information, so you can be notified...
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Day 2: Work Experience
  The beginnings of any job search requires some work or volunteer experience. These past experiences may assist in determining what field of work you pursue and showcase your skillsets.   Identify Past Experiences For those fresh out of school with little to no experience in your desired field, you're not alone. This is the roadblock faced by many new graduates, as well as people of any age who are changing careers. Even those who have an employment history but it's not recent — for example, if they left the workforce to raise children — often have trouble competing in the job market. For someone who is more established in their career looking to make a change, identifying key work experiences should not be a problem.   Make Yourself Marketable The best way to communicate your work experience, particularly if you do not have any, is showcasing your non-work experience into marketable skills. Look for those that allowed you to develop your organizational, leadership,...
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Day 1: Getting Started
What's the #30DayJobChallenge? If you’re looking for a job, we’re here to help! Take our #30DayJobChallenge to get employed by the end of the month. Whether you’re fresh out of school and looking for your first job or changing career paths, the job hunt is unavoidable. Throughout the entire month of June, we will outline the best methods and strategies for you to find a job by the end of the month! Each day we will be sharing new tips to help you in your hunt. What Will You Learn?  We will start the month off with how to compose the perfect resume and cover letter, then the best way to identify and apply for jobs. We will provide networking strategies for you to get that interview and how to capitalize on that opportunity. In one month, you will have the tools necessary to land your dream job. We hope you accept the #30DayJobChallenge!   Share Your Progress.  Tell us how your #30DayJobChallenge is going on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram. We’d love to hear...
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