New Jersey’s new Temporary Workers’ Bill of Rights

Are you prepared for the changes ahead?

The recent signing of NJ State Legislature Bill A1474 has greatly expanded workers’ rights to the Garden State’s temp workers, impacting businesses and the staffing agencies that rely on them.

If you employ–or plan to use temporary workers in the future–you’ll want to watch our latest webinar to make sure you’re in compliance with the NJ Temporary Workers’ Bill of Rights.

13 Things You Need to Know Right Now

From protecting your temporary workers’ rights to ensuring compliance across state lines, we’re here to guide you through the evolving landscape to ensure your success.

Download your copy of our free guide today!

We partnered with Brown & Connery, LLP, to host a one-hour session covering the latest information about the upcoming changes and how they may impact your business.

We’re committed to ensuring you have the latest information around the NJ Temporary Workers’ Bill of Rights.

You’ll learn:

  • The top 5 areas of impact for your businesses and your staffing partners
  • Your new temporary worker obligations, including benefits and wage equity
  • 90- and 180-day roll-out and implementation predictions
  • How to avoid NJ A1474 violations—and costly fines

Prefer not to worry about legislation changes? Consider a temporary staffing solution.

Stay in compliance with NJ’s Temporary Workers’ Bill of Rights—watch the webinar today!

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