Mindy Gulledge

AVP, National Sales

A day in the life of sales leadership is filled with the exciting components of our next client acquisition opportunities. Whether attending a new prospect meeting, strategizing with a sales team member, hosting sales leadership strategy meetings, or onboarding a new sales team member, each day is focused on sales enablement and scaling our B2B capabilities.

Leading the sales machine to find that next new client is always exciting and never ceases to be rewarding – solving problems for clients and making improving our associates’ lives.

Full Interview

Let’s talk about your role:

Q: What is the most rewarding facet of dealing directly with clients?

A: Nothing is more gratifying and humbling than to hear from a client that they could not run their business without Integrity as their partner. When we hear that our staffing solutions have positively impacted a client’s ability to deliver, that drives us as an organization.


Q: What is Integrity’s driving force behind our Sales Team?

A: Our talent. An Integrity sales team member achieves success because they have a passion for what they do, connecting with key decision makers in need of our services.


Q: What is RPO, and what are its benefits?

A: Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) supports our clients who need a partner to act as an extension of their internal talent acquisition team. Partnering with Integrity is like having a full talent acquisition department made up of account management, recruitment resources, and technology, dedicated to all (or part of) a client’s recruitment process.

This lets our clients focus on their core business while trusting that Integrity will provide an expert team in streamlining, managing, and executing the talent acquisition process to produce quality candidates. When RPO is done right, people, technology, process, and culture are fully integrated to provide a seamless experience for candidates and clients.


Q: What have been your most significant accomplishments on our team?

A: Since joining Integrity in 2018, it has been an honor to build a strong national sales team to expand our B2B market share growth and bring our staffing solutions to businesses nationwide. Our success is primarily due to the collaborative partnership with our marketing team. The sales and marketing engines work together seamlessly to target key industries and help our prospective clients realize the benefits of working with a staffing partner like Integrity.


Q: Who are some of your biggest inspirations within the company?

A: Selling Integrity begins with telling the story of Integrity’s co-founder and CEO, Todd Bavol. Todd founded the company on the simple truth that success for both Integrity and our clients comes when both focus on the success of the associate. Integrity is an associate-focused staffing agency, setting us apart from other agencies. This is what inspires me most about the company: the associate is always first.


Q: What’s the most unique part about working here?

A: The successful business growth we have experienced results from the “melting pot” of Integrity Staffing. Our organization is made up of long-time Integrity employees whose professional careers began with Integrity who have achieved great success here, combined with industry leaders who have brought outside experience to create business models we can utilize to innovate and stay competitive as we rapidly scale our business.

Company Culture and Core Values:

Q: What is your favorite Integrity Core Value, and why?

A: “To innovate is to simplify.” My job is to remove obstacles in achieving sales and client acquisition. We do this by utilizing technology and digital marketing strategies to create brand awareness.

To stay competitive and one step ahead of our competitors, Integrity recently launched a new innovative on-demand work app for job seekers and employers called OpEn. This app is an excellent example of how we have innovated to simplify connecting job applicants with our clients’ job opportunities.


Q: What parts of our mission/vision do you connect with?

A: The Integrity Staffing mission and vision encompass the complete picture: The story of Todd Bavol and our founding, our associate-first philosophy, and the ten core values that guide our mission and vision.

Nothing is more gratifying and humbling than to hear from a client that they could not run their business without Integrity as their partner. When we hear that our staffing solutions have positively impacted a client’s ability to deliver, that drives us as an organization.

Personal Journey

Q: Before working at Integrity Staffing, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

A: I began my career in retail. I have held almost every position as a buyer, in-store management, planning and distribution, and merchandising. Then I transitioned to the “people” side of the business and worked as an executive recruiter for the retail industry.


Q: How did you first learn about Integrity Staffing?

A: A former colleague at Integrity Staffing called me in 2018 and connected me with Integrity. The first person I interviewed with was Todd Bavol. The rest is history!


Q: How do you balance your career at Integrity Staffing and your family?

A: I have been a remote employee for over 15 years, so what we have come to know as “the new work normal” has been my working model for quite some time. Working from home has advantages; it takes a lot of discipline to “unplug” at the end of the day and focus on family. Being open to feedback and constant communication is key to success in business and personal life.


Q: How has Integrity helped you in your career development and how have you grown professionally while on our team?

A: Developing and implementing our entire sales training program is an accomplishment that stretched me in ways I had not previously been challenged in my career. I was charged with creating our training modules and established the “sales boot camp” to train and onboard new sales team members.


Q: What advice do you have for prospective Integrity candidates?

A: Bring your entrepreneurial mindset and experience to Integrity so we can help each other grow while embracing our culture and becoming a valued member of our team!

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