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Driving community success is a cornerstone of Integrity's mission.

We see it as a "virtuous cycle" in which everyone wins: our associates whose career goals we help achieve; the businesses who fuel their growth with our associates' hard work and skills; and the communities that grow stronger as a result of their individual and corporate citizens' success.

We believe that giving back to our communities is not only a privilege, it's the right thing to do.

We launched our Project Home initiative with the goal of identifying and eliminating homelessness among our associates. 

As an industry-leading employer of thousands of associates from a wide-range of socioeconomic backgrounds, we are keenly aware of the impact America's current affordable housing crisis is having on this group. The lower income population finds their budget stretched to the limit to keep a roof over their heads, and even a minor setback, such as a car needing repairs, may be the last straw that puts them out on the street.

The typical homeless person is no longer someone who is mentally or physically incapacitated in some way. A large percentage of today's homeless are hard-working individuals and families who simply had a bit of bad luck. We decided that we should use our corporate clout to help associates get back the home they truly deserve. With an associate assistance program already in place, the Project Home Initiative extended its scope and gave it a facilitative structure.

Its mission is to: Prevent, Provide Pathways, and Empower. 


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This is why "Advocating for Our Associates" is our number one core value. Many factors can hinder career advancement, from lack of training to social issues relating to home, family, health or finances. We understand that a holistic approach is the most effective solution. Our assistance efforts aim to provide support at every point, so that both our associates and the entire community can move forward. 

Project Home Accomplishments

Associates Assisted
Since Project Home's inception, we've been able to help over 100 of our associates get back on their feet. As we strenghten our connections with local community organizations, this number continues to grow. Project Home was designed to:
  • Prevent episodes of homelessness that have a direct impact on Integrity Staffing associates (and possibly job candidates)
  • Provide pathways to our community partners' health and social services
  • Improve the response of our state and community partners
  • In extreme cases, provide housing assistance to associates in need
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If you or someone you know can benefit from Project Home please emaILprojecthome@integritystaffing.com 




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