Thinking about selling your staffing agency?

Here’s why you should consider Integrity Staffing.

Selling your recruitment agency is an enormous decision, but it can be a rewarding—and profitable—way to take the next step as a staffing firm owner.

There are many reasons you might consider selling your staffing firm.

For example, you may want:

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    Access to financial resources to grow your business, including investment, central services, additional products and services, and a nationwide footprint.
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    Become a large player in the staffing industry by growing your brand into a national name.
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    To provide upward mobility opportunities for your key leadership team members at a larger organization.

Or, maybe you’re ready to get the sweat equity payout for the business you’ve created and start your retirement.

Whatever your reason, there are many incentives to take the next step in selling your staffing company.

Why Now is a Good Time to Sell Your Staffing Agency

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    There’s a looming recession. Do you really want to go through another fiscal year as a staffing business owner?
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    Market timing is strong. Staffing agency valuations are high and are enticing many owners who’ve been sitting on the selling sidelines.
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    You can free up cash. Take your next adventure, whether it’s retirement, consulting, or starting another unrelated business.
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    Ensure business continuity. Partnering with someone with more resources and reach can help keep your business thriving in an uncertain market.

When it comes to staffing agency mergers and acquisitions, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve set significant expansion goals over the next 3-5 years, and acquiring new agencies is a core component of our overall growth strategy. If you’re ready to explore a recruitment agency sale or acquisition, let’s talk confidentially.

What makes us different? Well, a lot of things.

But above all, it’s our associate-first approach that’s the real differentiator between us and other staffing firms.

We believe when our associates have a great experience on the job, the companies they work for keep hiring new people and move local economies forward. So, we make it a priority to provide our associates with everything they need to be successful.

We advocate for our associates’ success with every decision we make.

Here’s Why You Should Consider Selling Your Staffing Agency to Integrity Staffing.

We’re a national company with a small-town feel.

Yes, we’re an award-winning national staffing provider with over 25 years of experience supporting some of the country’s biggest employers—however, our clients and associates love us because we’ve retained the heart of a mom-and-pop. It’s why we’re consistently ranked one of the top staffing firms in the country.

Our associates come first, always.

That’s right – we’ll say it again. We put our associates before our clients. Why? Because we believe our clients succeed when our associates succeed. Every day, we generate opportunities for people to exceed their expectations and advance careers, companies, and communities.

Happy associates = happy clients. It’s that simple.

Bye, bye, bureaucracy.

Integrity is privately-owned, so we can make quick decisions without the hassles of board approval or corporate red tape. Our ability to take swift action allows us to stay solvent while generating success for our associates, clients, and team members in any market conditions.

Our team is tenured and invested.

We’re proud to have one of the longest-tenured team in the industry. In fact, many of our key leadership and field team members have 10-20+ years with the organization. This type of tenure is rare and speaks volumes about our dedication to our mission, vision, and values. We have a big love for what we do, and it shows.

We’re big dreamers and thinkers.

We give our all when we see the next peak to conquer—and we aren’t afraid of complex challenges. Whether building a modern recruitment tech stack to developing unique benefits to enhance our associates’ lives, our company lives at the forefront of innovation—and empathy—to remain competitive.

Opportunity is everything.

We strive to generate opportunities for our team members, associates—and the companies they work for—to reach their full, authentic potential. Every decision we make ensures the sky’s the limit for all.

Sound like a good fit? Let’s chat.

We’re ready to explore a staffing partnership or agency acquisition.

How to Sell Your Staffing Agency

Before selling your staffing firm, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions:

Leadership buy-in:

Who are your potential buyers? Are all company owners and key stakeholders aligned in the reason for exiting the business?


What is your staffing company worth? What is my expected exit price?

Terms and conditions:

Are there any specific deal terms that are must-haves for me when selling my business?

Personal expenses and add-backs:

Do I have a good handle on what portion of the recruitment business expenses are truly personal vs. business related?

Culture fit:

What characteristics and values make an acquiring company a good fit?

Team retention:

Who are my key players, and what do I want to negotiate for them in the new business?

Personal involvement:

Do I want to stay involved in the new business? If so, what role do I want to take?

Need some guidance on selling your staffing agency? We can help. 

Why We Believe in an Associate-First Approach

In a hiring climate like today’s, employers are looking down every avenue to attract and retain the talent they need to take their business forward—but the challenges facing hiring and recruiting professionals are vast.

Celebrating 25 Years!

We have been connecting job seekers with the tools and pathways to advance their careers and reach their potential, all while supporting employers as they look to invest in their talent. It’s a big job but it’s one that we have been thrilled to have been able to undertake now for 25 years.

Core Values in Action

As the Great Resignation prompts scores of employees and candidates to rethink what they want in their future job, many are coming back to one common denominator: good values! All 10 of our core values are meant to guide the work of our associates and staff across industries, job levels and roles—inspiring them to give their best and also be their best.

Ready to take the next step?

Please introduce yourself! We will be in touch to learn more about you and how we can support your staffing agency merger or acquisition.