How to Embed Inclusivity into Your Culture
Inclusivity on a corporate level is more than just paying organizational lip service. It’s an opportunity to pursue an initiative that, if successful, stakeholders can tie to long-term corporate viability and profitability. Per a McKinsey study, more diverse and inclusive organizations are 35% more likely to have earnings above their industry averages. Another report suggests that problems solved through aninclusive analysis process led to superior outcomes 87% of the time. In other words, inclusivity on the job makes sense for a wide range of economic and social reasons. But nurturing an environment where diversity can thrive isn’t always a piece of cake. Corporations that want to compete locally, nationally, and globally must recognize and value the practice of fostering inclusiveness. It’s not only a means of providing everyone equal access to opportunities and resources, but it’s also an essential element that ensures diversity doesn’t end with hiring. Diversity vs....
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How to Job Hunt When You're Starting from Scratch
The 2020 pandemic has wreaked havoc on careers as well as personal lives. With major sectors of the economy nearly or totally shut down, many who thought they had job security are out of work — and believe they don't have the qualifications to switch to a different specialty. Meanwhile, new graduates looking for their first job have been unable to get out of the starting gate at all.   If you're in this situation, take hope. There are ways to land a job without experience in that particular field. We've rounded up expert advice to get you on the right track.   Look for careers with employee shortages   While some industry sectors have shrunk dramatically, others are experiencing a boom, and as a result, a skyrocketing need for more employees. Hiring managers are only too aware of this problem, and know that they can't stick to hard-and-fast job qualifications if they want to bring in enough new workers.   One of the biggest trends forecasted for the staffing industry...
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Saying Goodbye to Your Holiday Temps? End It on a High Note
The year's peak shopping season is winding down, and temporary workers who helped companies get through the rush are coming to the end of their assignments. Smart employers will invest a little time and effort in ensuring that those workers' exit is a positive one.   Here's why:   You may want to hire those same people next year. After all, it's easier to use workers who already know your system than to train new ones from scratch. If they had a good experience with you, they'll come back rather than signing up with the competition.   Your employer brand is at stake. If unhappy temps post their opinions on site like GlassDoor, it could hurt your ability to hire quality permanent employees.   They'll refer their friends to you as possible hires. In a tight job market, this could save you significant marketing time and money.   Convinced? Then consider building these strategies into your assignment completion protocol. Integrity developed them to ensure that...
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What Does Your 2021 Vision Board Look Like?
National Vision Board Day is January 9. Why not start the year with this fun and effective tool for making your goals a reality? Here's what you need to know.   What is a vision board?   It's a poster you create to express how you want your life to be — a daily reminder to visualize your ideal outcome. Having a vision board to look at will ensure that you do these short visualizations every day, and stay focused on your purpose.   The technique of visualization has been used for decades by Olympic athletes, dancers, musicians and other successful superstars such as Oprah Winfrey. Studies have shown that visualization activates the same brain patterns as the physical performance, thus developing the habits of success.   The book The Secret states that simply declaring your intentions to the universe will attract the results you desire. Whether or not that's true, a vision board is an excellent way of putting your dreams out there — and this technique has been proven...
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Finding Talent in 2021: Our Recruiting Trend Forecast
There's no question that 2020 brought us a full slate of unforecasted events and challenges to employers' status quo. However, while the impact of economic and social forces such as the coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement has been huge, for the most part they only accelerated existing trends, rather than creating completely new ones.   These trends will continue to develop in the coming year, requiring a need for speed in updating our systems rather than a complete break with the past. This gives recruiters and HR managers a reassuring continuity to build on as they make their plans for 2021. We believe the 2021 outlook is positive, for both businesses and their employees.   Remote Working   The ability to work from home or in a minimum-contact setting will be essential to the job description of every role where it can possibly be implemented. Both employees and customers will expect to be protected from group interactions and spreading infections....
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2020 End Of Year Highlights
  Highlights of 2020 (Yes, There Were Some)   As 2020 comes to an end, most of us are saying good riddance to a year of unprecedented changes and challenges to the ways we live and work. However, there were also some great things happening at Integrity, and we'd like to remember them here.   We'll go forward into 2021 empowered by the triumphs of human spirit that were demonstrated by Integrity's team and associates during those difficult times. A great big thank you to each and every individual who contributed to Integrity's journey, and a toast to your success in the new year!   Here are just 5 of the many, many Integrity staff and associates who made a difference in 2020.   Lourdes Eldridge — How to Be a Leader   Integrity values leadership qualities at every level, and Lourdes is a perfect example. As Program Manager, she focuses on helping her team work to the best of their abilities, enabling them to grow in their own careers while providing candidates with...
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Have a Professionally Successful New Year!
It's time for New Year's resolutions. Forget diets and kicking bad habits and focus on something positive instead. Like: "I will take steps to grow my career success this year." However you define success, these techniques can help you get where you want to be. Set goals.  A long journey is accomplished one step at a time. If you don't plan your steps, you'll never even get started. Be specific: instead of a vague long-term statement like "I want to own my own business," define what you'll need first: "Learn business accounting" or "Get management experience in my field." Decide how you will know when the goal is achieved: "Get an educational certificate in accounting" or "Work 3 years in business management." Set deadlines: If you don't have a timeline for accomplishing goals, all you'll have is a dream, not a plan.   Be a self-starter. A self-starter doesn't sit there waiting to be told what to do. They take the initiative in asking for additional projects or...
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How Strong Is Your Staffing Strategy?
If there's one thing we've learned during this incredible year, it's that businesses must be prepared for any contingency. Staffing needs may skyrocket, or plummet, or do both successively within just a few months.   Who would have thought, as recently as this time last year, we'd see statistics like these:   Online sales were up 76% in June 2020 compared with June 2019 Amazon's traffic increased by 28.1% between February and July 2020 Ecommerce penetration was 20.8% in Q2 2020, up from 14.7% in Q2 2019 43.7% of top 500 retailers offered curbside pickup in August 2020, up from 6.9% in December 2019 In a global survey, 63% of consumers said the way they obtain goods and services was "transformed" by the pandemic 83% of consumers expect retailers to provide flexible shipping and fulfillment options Before COVID-19, 7% of U.S. employees worked from home; as of June 2020, 64% did 67% of IT decision makers expect "expanded or universal work-from-home policies" to...
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How to Plan Beyond Your Seasonal Role
What will you do when your temp job comes to an end? The time to figure that out is now — not on the day you receive your last paycheck.   Keep your performance level on max.   You might want to get hired back at this company some day — or hope to be converted to a permanent employee — so it's important to leave a great last impression. No letting things slide the last few days. If for any reason you can't finish the work before the end of your assignment, let your supervisor know; don't just assume that the next person will take care of it.   Say goodbye and thank you.   Ask for a quick meeting with your manager or HR to tell them how much you learned on the assignment and thank them for their help. Also say a friendly goodbye to your assignment co-workers. They'll remember you after you're gone, and just may be your connection to another great job someday.   Ask for a recommendation.   References from previous employers are a wonderful asset to have while...
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Coaching for Employee Engagement and Retention
Traditionally, organizations look at relationships with peers and supervisors as critical to keeping employees motivated and productive. But there's another workplace relationship which can have an even greater impact: that of coach and coachee.   At Integrity, we utilize a coaching system throughout our associate and worksite management systems, and both we and our clients are extremely pleased with the results. In this article, we'll highlight some of the ways that workplace coaching increases employee engagement.   Guidance-Driven Feedback Giving appropriate and frequent feedback is perhaps the single biggest step you can take towards employee satisfaction and growth; yet, it's rarely or inconsistently practiced by leadership.   Coaches communicate with employees in a non-intimidating way, so that the information is better received and acted on. A coach's job is to make employees feel that their work is valued, as well as helping them improve their performance....
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