Staffing Redefined: Why It's Easier to Land a Job in 2021
What if you could get a great job as a temp or direct hire, with a lot less work — and guesswork — on your part? Staffing agencies such as Integrity have a range of new tools that not only put you in a job faster, but in the right job where you'll be happier and more successful.   Here are some of the innovations that are currently making our job candidates' lives easier.   Remote processes eliminate the hassles The move to online workflows actually started a few years ago, but the COVID pandemic has dramatically speeded up this trend. At Integrity, you can now fill out and submit a job application and other employee documents, take pre-employment tests, have your interview and receive your onboarding initiation — all from your internet-connected device, wherever you happen to be.   Our job candidates and associates love it because they no longer have to physically travel to an Opportunity Center to do paperwork. And those who get nervous during job interviews find that...
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3 Hiring Best Practices Regardless of Unemployment Levels
Unemployment levels fluctuate, sometimes subtly and other times abruptly. Although unemployment rates were declining as recently as the beginning of 2020, they spiked in a massive way early in the COVID-19 pandemic.   Thankfully, unemployment has started to decrease once again over the past few months. In other encouraging news, 57% of businesses expect hiring to return to pre-pandemic levels by the beginning of 2021. However, companies that scaled back on candidate sourcing and hiring this year may have stilted their business continuity and momentum.   If your company recently put the brakes on sourcing candidates, it’s time to revive your sourcing practices. Try these candidate recruitment strategies to avoid reacting impulsively to the effects of low high unemployment or low unemployment.   1. When unemployment rises, continue building relationships.   Why should waiting to source potential applicants during uncertain times interrupt healthy hiring practices?...
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Recruitment Redefined: Factors Challenging the Traditional Status Quo
What if your recruiting team could be faster, stronger and better at putting the right person in the right role? By taking advantage of new tools and trends, you can do all that — and be more cost-efficient, too.   Following is an overview of the forces we see changing how candidates are sourced, qualified, hired and onboarded.   Technology takes over the gruntwork In our last blog, we discussed the tech stack Integrity Staffing Solutions currently uses to improve performance — both our own and our job applicants'. From workflow automation to custom-triggered communications to data analysis, these artificial intelligence tools save many hours on low-level tasks and allow our teams to devote more time to the judgement and decision-making activities that only experienced professionals can do.   And yes, there is still a vital role for humans in Human Resources. Current advances in recruitment are mostly about technology, but ultimately, the technology is there to serve the...
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How to Ask a Friend for a Job Referral
You've probably heard that one of the best ways to find a job is through a referral from a friend or a contact in your professional network. That's because job candidates who are referred by someone the employer knows and trusts are more likely to be hired than a total stranger.   Another advantage of working your contacts for job leads is early access to openings that haven't even been advertised yet. You'll start by checking the jobs page on your friend's employer's website, but even if there's nothing there, it's worth asking.   However, there are some "don'ts" to keep in mind when asking for that referral, so that you don't damage the relationship between you and your friend.   Don't be entitled. Remember, no one *owes* you a referral, so when you ask, keep the pressure off. Wrong: "I see there is xxx job opening at your company, can you refer me?" Right: "Would you feel comfortable telling your hiring manager about me?"   Don't call out of the blue. It's...
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3 Ways Technology Can Contribute to Higher Retention
What makes employees feel like they never want to leave a job? There are plenty of factors at play (hint: pay isn’t a huge motivator), not the least of which is the importance of the employee experience. Workers will seek greener pastures if their perception of working with a corporation sours — or if their first interactions with a business reveal that its culture doesn’t align with their own. Most employees are relatively patient when it comes to employers bringing in different leadership or adopting new operational styles. But that tolerance has its limits, which means leaders need to focus on how to maintain employee retention by serving up a fantastic experience. Thankfully, technology can help deliver that experience. Want to know how to improve the employee experience with the use of technology? Here are three approaches to consider adopting: 1. Practice unapologetic flexibility. More than ever before, workers demand adaptability from their employers. The ongoing COVID-...
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The Recruitment Tech Stack for 2021 and Beyond
  New technology is challenging the status quo of HR recruiting in many ways. At Integrity Staffing Solutions, we continually monitor our capabilities, tweaking and reinventing our systems as necessary to meet evolving challenges.   This past year saw many such challenges, as the coronavirus pandemic reshaped the ways we work with clients and interact with candidates. Our software development partners have helped tremendously as we pivoted operations and accelerated already emerging trends.   Here's an overview of our tech stack components and how they enable us to engage the best candidates and place them in their optimum positions with maximum efficiency.   Able Workflow automation customizes and simplifies our efforts, allowing us to hire up to 90% faster at half the cost. Remote interactions allow socially distanced onboarding so that every associate can hit the ground running.   Virtual testing and training — including skills assessments and safety procedures...
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Why Employee Benefits Are (Almost) as Important as Pay
Did you know that benefits can add as much as 30% to the value of your earnings? If you have ever, for example, tried to get individual health insurance, you know the rates are double, triple or even more times what you pay in an employee group plan.   Here are some of the most popular benefits Integrity Staffing offers to its associates. Not all of them impact your finances right now, but they can help you position yourself to make more money in the future.   #1 Pay Frequency / Convenience   This one got first place because associates love getting paid every week, instead of once every two weeks as many employers do. Plus, it is deposited directly into the associate's bank account or Wisely card, hassle-free.   Our PayActiv progam is also getting rave reviews. This program gives on-demand access to earnings, instead of waiting until payday. It's a lifesaver (or at least, late fees saver) when a bill must be settled immediately — especially since it can be paid...
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How Do Your Benefits Stack Up in Today's Job Market?
In what ways should your benefits package evolve in 2021 and the years ahead? In this article, we'll look at the current priorities and expectations of employees, and how employers can respond for successful recruitment and retention.   What employees want now   The focus is firmly on helping employees maintain work/life balance, improve their financial wellbeing and reduce stress. Here's their 10 most-wanted list:   Financial management tools Workers are looking for information to help them budget and stay on track to reach financial goals. At Integrity Staffing, we offer the PayActiv program withon-demand access to earned wages for instant cash, bill payments and Uber rides without the need for a credit card or bank account, as well as financial counseling, budgeting and saving features.   Flexible schedules This includes alternating remote/onsite arrangements and wholly remote; 60% of employees in a Glassdoor survey said they plan to look for a position that is...
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Integrity's Recruiting Process Explained
If this is your first time applying for a job with Integrity Staffing, the info below will help you understand and complete the process successfully.   How to find open jobs   Start with our Job Search page. Select the relevant job title, location or category to find positions that will work for you.   It's likely that multiple jobs will be available for you to choose from. Integrity specialists will work to place you in the position and company where you will be most successful.   Where to apply   You can fill out a job application either online or at your nearest Integrity Opportunity Center.   To apply online, start with the list of relevant jobs you got in the previous step and click on the job posting you're interested in. Then click the Apply Now link at the bottom of the posting page. If you want to work at Amazon, you can go directly to the Amazon Job Application.   To find an Opportunity Center office near you, look it up in our list of Office...
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4 Ways a Staffing Agency Can Boost Your Candidate Sourcing
Putting the right employees in the right roles is integral to any company’s long-term success. Unfortunately, many companies are too distracted and unable to devote adequate time and energy to sourcing candidates, sifting through résumés, and screening applicants via tests. With their attention diverted, these businesses lose the opportunity to snag talented applicants before their competition hires them.   Does this mean that organizations need to designate the entire recruitment process to one employee? That’s a possible solution, but it can eat up that person’s bandwidth in unwelcome ways. Instead, why not partner with a staffing agency? A third-party partner like Integrity Staffing Solutions leverages its expertise to connect companies with ideal candidates to fill out their open positions.   The benefits of working with a staffing agency are plentiful. They include:   1. Agencies specialize in this area.   Recruiting and retaining top talent is a primary focus...
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