No Job Experience? Not a Problem!
Are you caught in the infamous trap of can't get a job without experience, can't get experience without a job? This blog is for you. Here's how to go around, through or over that roadblock.   Mine your non-work experience.   Just because you didn't get paid doesn't mean it shouldn't be on your resume. If you're interested in the job, you probably have done some activities related to it. Or if not, you've developed "soft skills" employers love, such as being a team player or leader. Maybe you have:   Done volunteer work Completed school or extracurricular group projects Taken non-credit classes or workshops Organized a club or served as an officer of an association Contributed your talents to a special event Coached kids' sports Produced a successful YouTube channel   If you can't think of anything in your past, look for opportunities to add these types of experiences to your resume now.   Spin your resume.   You may not have the exact experience...
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HR Liftoff Podcast Leader Megan Couch Shares Her Secrets to Success
HR Liftoff is Integrity Staffing Solutions' bi-weekly podcast discussing all things HR with some of the biggest names in the business. Informative and entertaining, the podcast is hosted by Chief Information Officer Megan Couch, who infuses every conversation with her spirited sense of humor as well as her 20+ years of expertise.   We sat down with Couch to learn what motivates her — in her podcast, her job and her life.   Q: Tell us a little about yourself. Having worked with many major clients in the fields of e-commerce and logistics, I believe my strength is in building relationships, listening to peoples' stories and finding practical solutions to reaching their goals.   I have one 14-year-old son, Jackson, and a grumpy dog, Bunny, of the same age. I love singing karaoke, even though I'm not great at remembering song titles — unless they're by Aretha Franklin.   Q: What inspired you to launch the HR Liftoff podcast? There is a great quote that says, "Someday...
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5 Ways Not Get Lost in the (Staffing) Shuffle
  In your first few days on the job, you're learning how to fit in. But after that, if you want to get ahead, you need to stand out. The following tips can help you get noticed — in a good way. Pick the tip that fits your personality best, and use it to grow your success! 1. Be the hardest worker. Go above and beyond the bare minimum of your job description. Aim to be a little faster, smarter, or stronger than those around you. Get to work on time Every. Single. Time. And be willing to stay late to finish a task. 2. Be the best teammate. When you see someone struggling, offer to help out. Show that you know the team's goals and that they are important to you. When the boss asks for volunteers for a special project, raise your hand first. Help keep the workplace clean and safe. 3. Be eager to learn.  Bosses love to see the enthusiasm. Show it by learning everything you can, not just about your job but also the company and the industry. Ask for opportunities to grow your...
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Streamline Your Staffing Vendor Admin with a Master Service Provider
When you're using multiple vendors for your temporary staff needs, it can sometimes feel like you're herding cats. Each company you deal with has its own systems for communications, procedures, orders, worker management, regulatory compliance and so on. Your in-house team might need so much time to keep on top of it all, you might as well not have outsourced in the first place.   There's an answer to this dilemma: let a master provider do the coordinating for you. It sets you free to focus on your core business, confident that high-performing employees will always be delivered when and as you need them.   Single Point of Contact The biggest time-saver is to channel all communications through one agent. It's the MSP's job to ensure that instructions are delivered to the relevant vendors, and that they all work together seamlessly. You'll see results in greater efficiency and faster fill rates.   Consistency Control The Master Service Provider will monitor the...
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How to Keep Yourself and Others Safe on the Job
The wellbeing of our associates, many of whom are essential workers, is always at the forefront of our minds and the driving force behind our safety efforts. That's why we've taken the American Staffing Association (ASA) Safely Back to Work Pledge to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.   We've ensured that our associates and their workplaces have the tools and procedures to support this commitment. But that can't be the entire solution. The rest is up to you, the workers who use the COVID protocols and equipment every day. Here's how you can help defeat this terrible enemy, and get our "normal lives" back faster.   Mask up — For associates and Integrity Opportunity Center staff, face masks are required at all times while on the worksite. But to be effective, they must be worn the right way, entirely covering your nose and mouth.   Wash hands often — with soap/water or hand sanitizer, especially: Before touching your nose, mouth or eyes Before touching food After...
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Telemedicine's Giant Step Forward: How Will It Affect Employers?
  COVID-19 has caused many drastic changes in our business operations, the exponential growth in telemedicine's availability and acceptance being among the more positive ones. We take a look at the ramifications for employers' benefits packages and workers' wellbeing. Why Telemedicine Boomed in 2020 The technology for teleconference or VOiP consultations with healthcare professionals has been around for a while, mainly in the form of HMO-required nurse hotlines to screen patients and avoid emergency care costs. However, the medical establishment of doctors and hospitals resisted any more extensive use, citing the necessity for in-person diagnosis. They were also concerned about reduced payments for telemed as opposed to office visits and ultimately, the replacement of human doctors with machine learning avatars.   With the onset of COVID-19, these objections were forced to take a back seat. Patients were afraid or unable to visit doctor's offices and hospitals in person;...
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Celebrate Job Action Day with a Step Towards Your Dream Career
The first Monday in November is National Job Action Day — the day to "recognize and empower those who dream of having a job they love." It's a day for both workers and employers to think about turning those dreams into actionable goals.   Ideas for Workers   There are many ways to take that first (or next) step. It all depends on how you define career satisfaction: improving your current job, looking for advancement with the same or another employer, acquiring the skills to switch to a completely different field or starting your own business. Here are some suggestions for honoring your own Job Action Day.   1. Get some mentoring. People who already have the career you want are the best sources of information on how to get there. Respectfully ask for a one-hour meeting (in person or online) where you can pick their brain.   2. Go to a job fair. This is another excellent way to learn about the options and opportunities from experts in your current or future field. Pass...
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High Volume Staffing Solutions Shouldn't Be One-Size-Fits-All
It's simple, right? High volume staffing is all about filling dozens, hundreds or thousands of temporary positions as fast as possible. Well, yes, that's the goal. But how you achieve that goal can make a big difference in how successfully those workers — and your business — perform.   The mistakes we see include: Hiring any and everyone even remotely suitable, without much in the way of assessments Using multiple staffing vendors, with inconsistent service levels Multiple company locations, each with its own procedures Not planning for staffing challenges such as pay rates, shift times, cultural differences and workers' ability to reach the location   At Integrity, our high volume expertise lies in preventing all those difficulties. Our consultative approach to partnering with our clients creates a custom tailored solution which addresses all the factors that make each company unique. Here's what we believe you should look for in a high volume staffing provider....
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Ask an Integrity Expert — About COVID-19 Safety on Assignment
  Welcome to our new series, "Ask an Integrity Expert!" These blogs will feature Ellen Kuntzmann, Director of Talent Acquisition at Integrity, answering the most frequently asked questions we hear from our job candidates and associates.   Q: What COVID-19 safety measures do you have in place at each location?   A: Integrity has always required safety inspections and protocols at every job site where our associates will be placed. Since the advent of COVID-19, our efforts have become even more comprehensive. Here's what you can expect:   Daily temperature checks when entering the building   Online symptom checker must be filled out by the associate   Face masks must be worn for the duration of the shift   Social distancing enforced with plastic barriers, rearranged furniture/equipment and traffic flow control   Remote processing of job application steps such as I9 completion   Contactless drug testing   Any company that cares...
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Hiring Temps for the Holidays? The Right Way to Prep for Peak Season
For retailers, logistics companies and other companies whose busiest season is the 4th quarter, now is the time to begin planning for the successful recruitment, training and management of temporary staff. Here are four key tips for making the process go smoothly, based on Integrity's vast experience in providing hundreds of thousands of seasonal workers to our clients.   1. Start Recruiting Early Haste makes waste, says one old proverb. If you wait until you're already in immediate need for help, you'll be forced to make fast decisions, not necessarily smart ones.   Giving yourself as much time as possible to attract, interview, background check and select candidates will give you better assurance that your new hires can perform at or above your expectations. What's more, when you're among the first in the field with your job postings, the entire talent pool will still be available — not just the ones left after your competitors took their pick.   If you don't feel that...
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