Meet Our Team

We’re an opportunity engine for all.

Behind every great associate stands our talented Field Teams, Centralized Teams, Onsite Support Teams, our team of Directors, and our Support Team Members across all departments, working tirelessly to ensure a great experience every day.

We are determined to give our best every step of the way, and we won’t settle for less, period. Everyone deserves an opportunity to exceed their expectations, and when we can make that happen, it means everything to us.

Todd Bavol

President & CEO

Sean Montogomery

Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder

Jaime Donnelly

Chief Financial Officer

Megan Couch

Chief Experience Officer

Keith Corrigan

Chief Operating Officer

Deborah Pierce

Senior Vice President & General Counsel

Christine Proffitt

VP of Sales & Operations

Susan Baxter

Senior Vice President Human Resources & Safety