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Hire Better Talent and Gain Recruiting Efficiencies with Integrity’s Workforce Solutions

People — our amazing associates — are the foundation of all we do. See how workforce solutions by Integrity Staffing are driven by that commitment and can fuel your company’s success.

Workforce solutions, built with empathy and expertise.

Our unparalleled service, scalability and cost efficiencies drive your business upwards. Add in access to the most coveted and cared-for workers in the industry — sky’s the limit!

Explore our industry expertise.

For 25+ years, Integrity has helped clients hire associates via high-volume staffing and custom workforce solutions, specialized for these industries.

Integrity delivers a range of flexible workforce solutions that meets your talent needs.

Temporary &
High-Volume Staffing

High-volume staffing is our specialty. We’ve built the most coveted, extensive temporary talent pool in the nation. Integrity is ready (at a moment’s notice) to support you and hire associates at scale.

Why staff with Integrity?

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    Full management of the entire employment life cycle

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    Dedicated, on-site associate support

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    Real-time data and reporting to support quick decision making

Direct Hire

Expand your recruitment capabilities and team any time with our dedicated direct hire talent acquisition experts. We’ll help you hire the right people in record time.

Why hire with Integrity?

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    Multi-tiered sourcing and recruitment marketing

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    Scalable recruitment capabilities, from one hire to 1,000

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    Industry-leading behavioral, psychographic, skill and background testing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Outsource key parts or all of your recruitment process to our staffing experts at Integrity Staffing. Focus on your core business while we streamline and manage your talent acquisition process.

Why outsource with Integrity?

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    A seamless, engaging applicant experience

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    Enhanced recruitment quality, service and scalability

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    Standardized recruitment processes across all your locations


Streamline all your talent vendors under one umbrella. We become your single point of contact for all staffing needs. You shed the hassle and stress of managing multiple partners.

Why streamline with Integrity?

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    Improved fill rates, compliance and vendor performance

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    Custom, on-site workforce management team

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    Company-wide, systematic approach for all staffing needs

Our goal is simple: to place associates into positions where they’ll succeed.

After all, it’s in our brand’s DNA to want our associates—and the clients they work for—to exceed even their own expectations. When we’re looking to match a candidate with a client’s open position, we seek motivated job applicants who aspire to fill bigger boots with every job they take.

Curious about how we find your talent?

Return to work the safe and smart way with Integrity.

Employee safety is more than a box to check. From site safety evaluations to OSHA-certified training, Integrity prepares and helps businesses keep workers safe and avoid future outbreaks.

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Expand your hiring capacity and productivity with RPO.

Get a full talent acquisition team that handles all (or part) of your recruitment lifecycle. Learn how Integrity RPO cuts costs, creates efficiencies and boosts results.

Elevate your candidate experience with virtual reality.

Transform the ways candidates explore your jobs, culture and workplace. Learn how Integrity’s virtual job preview tech brings your workplace and the job to life.

Our associates come first, always.

Our associate-first approach ensures the people we place with you are successful in work and life. In fact, for three of the past five years, an Integrity associate has been named a National Staffing Employee All-Star by the American Staffing Association – more than any other staffing agency in the U.S. 

ASA National Staffing Employee All-Star

We’re driving the world—and its workforce—forward.
Move forward with Integrity.

Discover the passion and purpose that drives everyone at Integrity Staffing to create workplace opportunities and workforce solutions that make a difference.