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Welcome to the HR Liftoff Podcast, hosted by Megan Couch, Integrity’s Chief Experience Officer.

We’ll go deep behind the scenes with some of the biggest names in the business to learn how to recruit and manage workforces in one of the most complex job markets we’ve ever experienced. These hot, important topics will be discussed with Megan’s special blend of humor and levity, creating a fun and engaging break that’s bound to be the lighter part of your day.

With each podcast, you’ll get:

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    Timely topics about recruiting and maintaining a strong workforce, even in uncertain times
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    Real talk from HR Managers and business leaders about handling important (and sometimes touchy) subjects
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    Real-time insights into how companies, both large and small, build a strong employee culture

How Can I Unlock My Inner Genius? Where is it?

Catherine Mattiske   We welcome Catherine Mattiske, global trainer, author and inventor of the globally acclaimed ID9 Intelligent Design Process! What is that? It helps you to Unlock Inner Genius (also the name of her most recent book) and use the online tools to unlock and increase your communication with family, colleagues and every person…

Can You Create Your Happy Place (Work)?

Doug Shapiro   We welcome Doug Shapiro, VP of Research & Insights at OFS, a global office and healthcare furniture manufacturer. He has a background with over 16 years of experience collaborating with world class industrial and interior designers on crafting products and strategies for the workplace. He answers the current questions of HOW to…

How Can You Make Money with $1?

David Torrence Do you ever wonder how to invest when there isn’t that much to invest? Listen to David Torrence (Investor, Philanthropist, Author) explain how you can live AND invest, giving you the ability to build generational wealth. Learn to invest in not only your future but a future for your family

Should You Put Your Spouse on Craigslist?

Sonia Frontera We sit down with Sonia Frontera- author, divorce lawyer with a heart and survivor of a toxic marriage who is happily remarried. The author of Relationship Solutions and Do You Keep Your Husband or Post Him on Craigslist?, Sonia walks us through on what to look for in your relationship and toxic traits…

How Do You go from Labor to Leadership?

Jeremy Torisk We talk to Jeremy Torisk, author ,entrepreneur and advisor on how he went from digging ditches to running his own business and becoming a leading author! The first 5 people to contact Jeremy below will get a FREE copy of his book- “From Labor to Leadership! Listen to how one moment can change…

Do you wish you could sling joy? Here’s how.

Erin Mac Erin Mac started in a place where many of us have found ourselves. She was anxious, depressed and was trying to figure out how to move forward. She thought happiness was a place and moved but realized even after starting a successful business that this wasn’t where she was meant to be. Listen…

Have You Really Started DEI? (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

Eric Gregg & Ryen Salo   We talk to Eric Gregg, CEO & Founder of Clearly Rated along with the amazing Ryen Salo, Director of Customer Success. They did what they do best and survey and are working along the DEI journey. Relatable in so many aspects and listen to some lessons learned and get…

Talk Sporty to Me

Jennifer Mueller In this episode we talk to Jen Mueller, Emmy award winning television and radio sports broadcast journalist and business consultant. Find out the effective ways to advocate for yourself and how to network using any knowledge of sports. She’s amazing!  

What’s in Store for Retail Now?

Mary Beth Garcia I am joined by the fantastic Mary Beth Garcia from Mohr Retail. We discuss the impact the pandemic has had on retail and how her organization helps retail and hospitality transform the Customer Experience and Build Resilient Businesses to Thrive in a Disruptive World!

How to Lose a Candidate in 90 Seconds?

Mike Seidle     Do you know how fast you lose candidates? Do you know how candidates want to engage in today’s world? Listen to Mike Seidle from WorkHere on how to deliver the best candidate experience and save your recruiters time with live, human-to-human interaction communication.

Discover Yourself During a Pandemic

Danielle Sunberg   Take a moment to breathe and listen to Danielle Sunberg, Transformation Coach and Reiki master on how to facilitate stepping into your power and true greatness. The pandemic has many of us questioning how we are doing things and what we can do to identify WHAT we want to do. Listen to…

How Much Should You Trust Your Gut?

Sunil Godse   Do you ever wonder how much to trust your intuition? Does your gut tell you one thing and you do another? Listen to Sunil Godse explain what to listen for and when to act!

What’s Empowerment Mean Now for Leaders & Employees?

Dr. Benjamin Ritter Do you wonder where how leaders and employees are feeling about their jobs? Are you concerned as leaders that you may not be in touch with your employees? Listen to Dr. Benjamin Ritter, Founder of LYF Consulting, and how to watch for turning points and eureka moments!

Michele Olivier

How Do You Network During a Pandemic?

Michele Olivier – Principal Consultant – O&H Consulting
We spend 30 minutes from Michele Olivier from O & H Consulting on specific tactics to use while networking during the pandemic! These tips just aren’t for now but are great to know in the future for those that want to develop not only themselves but their online presence!

Dara Warn

How is the Pandemic Transforming Education for Your Workforce?

Dara Warn – Chief Customer Officer – Penn Foster
Listen to Dara Warn, Chief Customer Officer at Penn Foster discuss education options for all! Penn Foster is dedicated to helping hardworking people prepare for careers. Learn how they are taking it to the next level!

The Transformation of Giving

Kevin Ressler – President and CEO of United Way of Lancaster
Kevin Ressler- CEO of United Way of Lancaster continues to share HOW we can give and support our local communities. It’s not what you think it would be.

What Way are We United?

Kevin Ressler – President and CEO of United Way of Lancaster
In this weeks episode, we speak with Kevin Ressler of the United Way on how we can be human, the realistic world and how we can help!

Are Graduates Getting a Fair Shake?

Janelle Durav – Executive VP, JAG
Interested in learning more about JAG – Jobs for America’s Graduates? This week we sit down with Janelle Duray, EVP and talk about the great work JAG does for today’s youth.

Do You Really Know the Data Behind the Labor Market?

Jon Dion -VP of Sales, EMSI
Do you know the data behind labor markets? Emsi is the leader in Labor market data to help your institution, organization, or community thrive. Find out current trends and what’s to come in the future! Jon Dion, VP of Sales explains so we all can understand!

From Foster Care to CEO – One Trash Bag at a Time

Rob Scheer – CEO, Comfort Cases
This week, Rob Scheer shares the sad reality of foster care and the important work that Comfort Cases does to lift the spirits, and give hope to a child entering foster care.

You Think You’re Great, Do Your Customers?

Jeff Hall – CEO, Second To None
We sat down with Jeff Hall, CEO of Second to None, about building your brand’s potential through consistent, intentional human-centered customer experiences.

What is a Tech Stack and Why You Need One Now!

Lauren Jones – Founder, Leap Consulting Solutions
We sat down with Lauren Jones, Founder of Leap Consulting Solutions on why having a solid tech stack is key to ensuring a great candidate experience.

Are You Winning the War on Talent?

Laura Turner – Director, Staffing & RPO Solutions @ Jobcase
We sat down with Laura Turner, Director of Staffing & RPO at Jobcase to discuss how COVID-19 is impacting the future of the talent industry.

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