The Benefits of Telemedicine in Associate Experience

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The associate experience is comprised of several individual parts. Sure, workplace culture, infrastructure, and advancement opportunities matter, but so do the lengths a company will go to protect mental wellness and ensure employee health and safety.

With so much up in the air for workplaces at this time, workers want to know their physical and mental best interests are protected. They want to know that their employers will allow them to handle impromptu health issues for them or their loved ones so that they won't put their production or job security in question.

Employers that integrate telemedicine into their health care benefit packages provide associates that peace of mind. Telemedicine assists in building credibility with employees, allowing employers to offer coverage to associates, ensure business continuity, and improve experience in the following ways:

1. It helps with the building of trust and credibility with employees. Measuring engagement within your staff is a measurement of associates' confidence — not just in the work it does but in the organization overall. Employees need to trust that their employers will take the precautions necessary to ensure employee health and safety — something telemedicine does.

With telehealth, employees can get treatment on their own terms. That means they don't have to risk spreading potential illness to their colleagues or contracting anything from contagious patients they might interact with at the hospital or doctor's office. This ensures business continuity, but it also sends a clear message to healthy and ill associates alike — one that says we value everyone's wellness and will do whatever it takes to maintain it.

2. Leads to less time spent off the clock. According to a study, patients spend three fewer hours on in-office visits and eight hours in emergency room visits through telemedicine. That's roughly half a workday in the doctor's office and a full one in the ER.

One of the benefits of telemedicine is its convenience. Associates can see physicians before or after the workday, meaning little to no disruption of their workday flow and no missing a day's pay to sit in a waiting room. Plus, offering telemedicine as an employee health and safety option tells associates that companies care about their ability to handle out-of-office issues in a way that doesn't interfere with their daily work responsibilities.

People want to work somewhere that values their professional and personal best interests. An investment in telemedicine is an investment in employee health and safety. And when employers prioritize that, they build an associate experience that stands out on its own.


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