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Tired of being one of many to your staffing agency?

Go exclusive.


Did you know that the average staffing branch services over 30 customers? Unfortunately, this means you’re only getting a small percentage of their candidate flow, which puts you at a disadvantage in today’s tight labor market. You need a single staffing partner who can prioritize filling your positions at a moment’s notice.

Here are 3 creative ways to attract top talent today.

It’s time to stop being second.

As your exclusive staffing partner, we’ll work with you—and only you—sending you every single candidate that walks through our door.


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We're an associate-first staffing agency with a simple formula for success.

Hire happier, more productive talent. Our clients succeed when our associates have the support, tools, and opportunities to thrive.

That’s why Integrity Staffing Solutions provides our talent with pretty great perks. Associates get the benefits, financial tools, and community resources to lead better lives — both on and off the clock.

Single Staffing Provider = a single source, for everything and everyone.

Candidates have a single point of entry for your positions, reducing market confusion, while your team members have a single point of contact throughout the entire candidate journey.

A fast, consistent—and engaging—applicant experience.

Through our exclusive Opportunity Engine tech stack, candidates can apply, onboard, and start work in as little as 24 hours.

Central and onsite agency support.

Our central and onsite teams are built to handle all this and more, freeing up your team to focus on what matters most:

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    Labor Planning
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    Recruitment Strategies
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    Advertising and Sourcing
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    Onboarding and Training
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    Associate Engagement
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    Performance Management
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    Workforce Data and Reporting
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    Payroll and Invoicing

Fast track your hires.

We have years of experience launching and scaling new clients quickly and can take you from signature to launch in as little as 48 hours—even in brand-new markets. We get to work fast and will start filling your job orders before the ink dries.

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