Kim Nichols

Director of Client Services

As a Director of Client Services, my day is never the same but always follows similar themes and trends. Every day I start digging into my reporting, hold team touch-base calls, and then it varies! I may attend project calls for Key Company Initiatives, have virtual training for my field teams, or take trips into the field to work alongside my teams and meet associates!

I enjoy my role most because I focus on team development daily. Every interaction is an opportunity for us to learn from one another, so I encourage my team to share best practices during calls, ask lots of questions, and speak up when they need something, so their growth is continuous.

Full Interview

Let’s talk about your role:

Q: What is the most rewarding facet of dealing directly with clients?

A: The core of our job is rewarding – placing people into positions that help them provide for their families is amazing. What’s more rewarding is seeing my team members advocate for our associates, keeping them employed so that their families have benefits.


Q: What is Integrity’s driving force behind our Client Services Team?

A: The Client Service Team works in the client’s operating reality by being a strategic consultative partner. We provide proactive solutions and partner to remove barriers for candidates and associates. We have tried and true programs that optimize candidate and associate experience, build strong client relationships and maximize our ability to deliver on KPIs. We manage this through a system of standard work, tiered escalation, and visual controls.


Q: What have been your most significant accomplishments on our team?

A: Launching new programs—like flex scheduling for clients—and seeing my team members promoted! I love seeing my team members thriving and succeeding.


Q: Who are some of your biggest inspirations within the company?

A: There are several people here that inspire me, but I would have to say my account management team is a huge inspiration to me. They’re a great group that challenges me to be a better leader daily. They’re on the front lines driving all the great processes we have in place to advocate for our associates. They motivate me to be better and keep learning. Without them, I could not do my job.


Q: What’s the most unique part about working here?

A: The most notable aspect about working for Integrity is the 1ntegrity mindset. Although many of my peers work across the country, it feels like we see one another all the time because we prioritize daily strategy sessions. I never have a problem finding a solution because everyone is always willing to help answer questions and work together to solve problems.

Company Culture and Core Values:

Q: What has your experience been with our company culture?

A: My experience has been great; everyone is always accommodating and willing to jump in to support and strategize to reach our shared goal of providing excellent service to our clients, candidates, and associates.


Q: What is your favorite Integrity Core Value, and why?

A: “We Run with Thoroughbreds” because the definition is correct: I work with professionals at the top of their game daily. It pushes me to improve, and seeing people step up and get it done for our clients is amazing.


Q: What parts of our mission/vision do you connect with?

A: “Our clients succeed when our associates succeed.” Without our associates, the businesses we support won’t run. It’s fantastic working for a company where we put our associates first, always looking at ways to provide more opportunities for them.


Q: Which attributes do you feel set Integrity apart from other staffing agencies?

A: The way we advocate for our associates sets us apart from other agencies. We pride ourselves in creating an excellent experience for our associates, proactively driving assignment longevity through coaching and training.

“The core of our job is rewarding – placing people into positions that help them provide for their families is amazing.”

Personal Journey

Q: Before working at Integrity Staffing, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

A: As a teenager, I worked at the local Philly Pretzel Factory. I can still twist pretzels!


Q: How did you first learn about Integrity Staffing?

A: Through a LinkedIn job search! I was obsessed with the mission, vision, and values, so I applied.


Q: How do you balance your career at Integrity Staffing and your family?

A: Time management is important! I also work as an assistant cheer coach and manage practices and everything that comes with a college cheer program. I schedule my days out and prioritize my tasks to ensure I can close out my day by completing everything necessary.


Q: How has Integrity helped you in your career development and how have you grown professionally while on our team?

A: Integrity has done a great job of providing me with different experiences within the company. I’ve worked on project teams and have taken leadership courses, which enhance the level of client service I provide. From a professional standpoint, I started with one of our larger clients, then moved to our Strategic Accounts division. I’ve launched new programs across client locations, creating positive change and helping me grow as a leader.


Q: What advice do you have for prospective Integrity candidates?

A: Be yourself! Integrity is full of people from all over the country with unique personalities and backgrounds. Everyone being their true self is what makes this business run. Bringing together people with so much experience across multiple backgrounds is the root of our success.


What do you like most about Integrity?

The ability to be creative and work with visionaries. Sometimes in the business world, things can become monotonous, but we are always looking at how to remain a top staffing agency in this industry. We’re constantly trying to come up with the next best thing to improve what we do!

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