28. March 2014


Stop the LinkedIn Updates

Even though you might be looking at your LinkedIn profile a lot these days, tweaking it to get the attention of your next employer, it might be wise to look at the settings before you look at changing one more thing. Why is this?  Updates. Every single time you update your LinkedIn profile, you will [...]

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26. March 2014


Keep Your Head in the Interview Game

Even though you may have practised your interview questions and you’ve done your research into the company, you still need to keep your head focused when you’re across from the interviewer. It’s not about facts either; it’s about presentation. If you can go into an interview with a positive attitude, you’re going to have more [...]

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24. March 2014


Apply Today, Not Next Week

Even though many jobs are posted online and in newspapers today, you may not get the job you want when you want it.  In fact, you may have heard ‘no’ so many times that you’re sick of even trying to apply for work.  So, you might spend time collecting possible job ideas before you even [...]

21. March 2014


When You Get an Offer from Another Company…

Every once in a while, you might think about leaving your job.  It’s not that you don’t like where you work, but there have to be other possibilities out there, better possibilities, right? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Before you start thinking about another job, consider why you’re thinking of leaving in the first place.  If you [...]

19. March 2014


The Truth about ‘Creative’ Resumes

Again and again, you’ve noticed you’re not the only one that’s applied for a job, and you’ve seen your resume go unanswered.  At some point, you may have felt desperate and you’ve wondered if getting creative would be the way to set yourself apart. If you were to ask hiring managers what makes a resume [...]

17. March 2014


Make Your Headline Stand Out

In all honesty, it doesn’t really matter what you do on your resume or your LinkedIn profile or anywhere else.  What does matter is how the reader perceives what you have done.  If they like what you have written, they will want to know more. If they don’t, they won’t. The process of marketing yourself [...]

14. March 2014


How to Find Real Jobs in the Online Market

If you’ve spent hours trying to find a job online, you’ve probably also spent hours thinking that many of the jobs are not as great as they sound.  You may also have spent time finding out the jobs aren’t real.  To save yourself some time and to increase your chances of connecting to a real [...]

12. March 2014


Why Consulting isn’t a Bad Thing

In the last few years, people have had to seek out any job they could find.  Often, this meant many professionals took on consulting jobs to pay the bills and to stay relevant in their field.  However, as the job market is looking up, some think these times of ‘freelance’ work will make them look [...]

10. March 2014


Find Work by Scheduling Real Life Meetings

You know you need to create a network of connections, but you may not have met any of these people in real life.  While you’re the length of your list of links on Facebook or LinkedIn may make an impression, if those links aren’t doing anything for you, it might be time to take action. [...]

7. March 2014


Tell Me About Yourself…

Much of the time, after some small talk and general conversation, the first question you will hear in an interview is, “Tell me about yourself…” It strikes fear into the heart of most, as it’s such a vague question, and most people would want to answer it in a vague way.  However, it’s also the [...]

5. March 2014


Know How to Share Your Weaknesses

In the midst of an interview, you will probably be asked what your weaknesses are – and you might think you know how to answer.  For many, they think admitting that they ‘work too hard’ or ‘want to be perfect’ shows that their weaknesses are actually assets to a company. While this might be true, [...]

3. March 2014


Don’t Just Look at the Bigger Cities for Work

The more you look for work, the more it can seem like a numbers game.  At some point, it begins to seem as though looking at bigger cities with more companies might be the best places to target. However, this is not always the case. Instead, you may want to think about looking at cities [...]

28. February 2014


What Do You Know How to Do (versus What Have You Already Done)?

One of the things that can be frustrating about finding a job right now is the ever-changing job titles and positions.  Though a job might be called something today, it may not be called by that same title tomorrow. As a result, your resume may look as though you have no experience in a job [...]

26. February 2014


Tough Interview Questions

You may have been in an interview where you were asked a question that didn’t seem to make sense to the position or to the skill set you have.  And while you may have made your way through, it may not have gone as well as you might have liked. To get a better sense [...]

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