26. February 2015


10 Free Sources for Resume Templates

The job counseling experts at Integrity Staffing solutions have pooled our vast experience in reading successful (and unsuccessful) resumes, and come up with our 10 top websites for pre-built resume and cover letter documents … all for FREE.   Instant Resume Templates Choose from 186 templates, which are organized by type of work (professional, academic, […]

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18. February 2015


3 Better Ways to Interrupt Someone

Busy co-workers and supervisors are … well … busy. They may be putting out a “Don’t bother me now” vibe that has stopped you from asking for the help or information you need. Or maybe you’re afraid you’ll come off as not knowing your job if you request their guidance. Rest assured, they would rather […]

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12. February 2015


Professional Networking 101

You’ve probably read, in this blog and elsewhere, that your network of contacts is an excellent source of news about job opportunities — usually better ones than what shows up on the job boards. But how do you build that network?   Here are some pointers to get your name and face into the minds […]

5. February 2015


Analyzing the Job Offer: 5 Questions to Help You Decide

Great news, you’ve received a job offer, and the pay is within your desired range. Should you jump at it without further ado? In this difficult economy and highly competitive job market, it’s understandable if you say yes. But we strongly advise you to consider other factors of the job before you commit yourself.   […]

29. January 2015


Your Next Job Might Be Right Under Your Nose

When there’s no room for advancement within your department, do you automatically assume you’ll have to look outside the company to take the next step toward your career goals? If you do, you may be missing some great opportunities.   Look around the other departments for vacant positions that would complement or expand your skill […]

21. January 2015


Is Your Online Presence Sabotaging Your Job Search?

Fact: 78% of recruiters “Google” candidates and 63% check them out on social media sites. Previously on our blog we’ve covered many ways you can make the Internet work to your advantage when you’re looking for a job. Today we’re going to discuss how it can be a big disadvantage if you don’t control your […]

5. January 2015


5 Ways to Get Your Resume the Attention It Deserves

Did you know that most recruiters and hiring managers spend 7 seconds or less looking at a resume before deciding whether to put it in the “yes” or “no” pile? So it’s imperative that you make those few seconds count, and craft a resume that stands out from the crowd of dozens, or even hundreds, […]

29. December 2014


How (and Why) to Research a Potential Employer

Why should you bother to learn about a company you’ve sent an application to? After all, they’re the ones that should be researching you, right? Wrong.   Nothing makes a better impression on an interviewer than being familiar with his or her company. In fact, you are quite likely to hear the question, “What you […]

22. December 2014


What Your Interview Attire Says About Your Work Ethic

There’s a certain type of job hunter who says, “I’m the most brilliant programmer of the century, so it doesn’t matter how I look or act, any company would be lucky to have me.” Don’t let this be you. Like it or not, the possible future employers who interviewing you will be judging your appearance […]

15. December 2014


The Benefits of Working While in College

Working part-time while you complete your education can bring many advantages, both in the present life and in your future success in life. At Integrity Staffing Solutions, we have placed many students on temporary, seasonal or part-time assignments that help them get a head start on their careers, learn life skills, or simply earn some […]

8. December 2014


Resume Mastery Tip #5: Don’t Be a Mass Marketer

This topic is related to Resume Mastery Tip #4, in which we discussed the dangers of overloading your resume with a multitude of irrelevant detail. This week, we want to talk about the philosophy of applying for every job that a recruiter is advertising. No matter how diverse the roles might be, some job seekers […]

1. December 2014


Resume Mastery Tip #4: Edit Yourself

Have you ever listened to someone telling a story, who rambled on and on, throwing in endless irrelevant details, until the point of the story got lost? Well, you shouldn’t make that mistake with your resume, either.   At Integrity Staffing Solutions, we’ve seen some applicants include every last scrap of experience they’ve had in […]

24. November 2014


Resume Mastery Tip #3: Don’t Double the Recruiter’s Work

It has recently come to our attention that some job candidates submit two versions of their resume to the same recruiters: one in the chronological format and one in the functional format. As employers who look at tens of thousands of resumes per year, we at Integrity Staffing Solutions would like to caution you against […]

18. November 2014


Resume Mastery Tip #2: Beware the Functional Resume

One of the first things you’ll decide in writing your resume is which format to use: chronological and functional. Your instinct may be to choose the format you feel will best present your experience and achievements; but there’s something else to consider as well, and that’s the impression these formats make on hiring managers.   […]

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