20. April 2015


Host Fewer, Shorter and Way More Effective Meetings

Probably the biggest productivity saboteur in the workplace today: the meeting. The meeting that was supposed to take an hour and ended up consuming the entire morning. The meeting where everyone talked in circles and nothing got decided or resolved. The meeting where information was pushed at people who barely even pretended to pay attention. […]

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30. March 2015


How to Prevent Getting Fired in 5 Steps

You’ve heard the rumors: your company will be laying off employees. And maybe you think there’s nothing you can do about it.   But you’re wrong. Someone will make a decision about which workers to keep and which to let go. That decision will be based on how valuable or essential each person is to […]

19. March 2015


Feeling Overwhelmed in Your First Job?

Starting your first job is like walking into your first day of kindergarten. Don’t know your classmates. Don’t know the teacher. Don’t know the system, or how to work it. You’re so far out of your comfort zone, it’s not even on the same planet.   Welcome to one of the most stressful events you’ll […]

11. March 2015


How to Break Free When You’re Not Free

What do all these successful people have in common? Einstein came up with the theory of relativity while riding his bicycle. Salvador Dali believed that his daily siesta boosted his creativity. Thomas Edison said he got extra energy to invent electrical devices from taking short naps.   What they (and many other famous people from […]

4. March 2015


4 Things to Do While Waiting for a Raise

The era of guaranteed annual salary increases is long gone. Nowadays, you need to demonstrate that you deserve that raise … not just while you’re in the employee review meeting, but every day you’re on the job. Believe us, your supervisor is taking notes.   At Integrity Staffing Solutions, we employ thousands of individuals based […]

26. February 2015


10 Free Sources for Resume Templates

The job counseling experts at Integrity Staffing solutions have pooled our vast experience in reading successful (and unsuccessful) resumes, and come up with our 10 top websites for pre-built resume and cover letter documents … all for FREE.   Instant Resume Templates Choose from 186 templates, which are organized by type of work (professional, academic, […]

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