8. December 2014


Resume Mastery Tip #5: Don’t Be a Mass Marketer

This topic is related to Resume Mastery Tip #4, in which we discussed the dangers of overloading your resume with a multitude of irrelevant detail. This week, we want to talk about the philosophy of applying for every job that a recruiter is advertising. No matter how diverse the roles might be, some job seekers […]

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1. December 2014


Resume Mastery Tip #4: Edit Yourself

Have you ever listened to someone telling a story, who rambled on and on, throwing in endless irrelevant details, until the point of the story got lost? Well, you shouldn’t make that mistake with your resume, either.   At Integrity Staffing Solutions, we’ve seen some applicants include every last scrap of experience they’ve had in […]

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24. November 2014


Resume Mastery Tip #3: Don’t Double the Recruiter’s Work

It has recently come to our attention that some job candidates submit two versions of their resume to the same recruiters: one in the chronological format and one in the functional format. As employers who look at tens of thousands of resumes per year, we at Integrity Staffing Solutions would like to caution you against […]

18. November 2014


Resume Mastery Tip #2: Beware the Functional Resume

One of the first things you’ll decide in writing your resume is which format to use: chronological and functional. Your instinct may be to choose the format you feel will best present your experience and achievements; but there’s something else to consider as well, and that’s the impression these formats make on hiring managers.   […]

10. November 2014


What to Do When Your Boss Steals Your Thunder

There is nothing more galling than to see someone else take credit for your achievements, especially when the perpetrator is your own boss. But what should you do about it? Stay quiet and let your efforts go unrecognized? Or speak up and risk ruining your chances of progressing within your organization? The main thing to […]

3. November 2014

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The Negotiation Process Step 3: Discuss

We’ve dedicated the last several posts to helping you become a better negotiator, and now we’ve reached the final stage: the discussion itself. Following is an outline of how to proceed, along with some tips and tricks for achieving your desired outcome. The Opening Both sides make an opening statement which introduces the main issues […]

27. October 2014


The Negotiation Process Step 2: Set the Scene

In our previous posts, we’ve covered the groundwork you need to do before negotiations begin: analyzing negotiating styles, practicing skills and gathering information. Now we’ll move on to the actual negotiation. First you want to set the scene: the environment and conditions in which the discussion will take place. And by setting it, we really […]

20. October 2014


The Negotiation Process Step 1: Be Prepared

Congratulations, you’ve received a job offer! Now it’s time to negotiate for the salary and benefits package you want. And once you’re at work, your negotiation skills will continue to help you excel, whether you’re making a deal with a supplier, closing a sale or mediating a dispute between co-workers. At Integrity Staffing Solutions, we […]

13. October 2014


3 Techniques for Becoming a Better Negotiator

While every negotiation situation is unique, you will greatly improve your chance of achieving better results more often if you have the right negotiation skills in your pocket will. And the greater the difference between your own skill level and your opponent’s, the more power and confidence you will have. As with any other skill […]

7. October 2014


Find Your Negotiating Style for Employment Success

You might think that negotiation skills are only useful for securing a good starting salary or pay raise. But that’s just the beginning. How about when you are looking to be awarded that plum assignment, brokering a compromise in a workplace dispute or trying to impress by winning a valuable contract with a new client? […]

29. September 2014


Procrastination and Feeling Overwhelmed

In our last few posts we have been looking at the issue of procrastination and some of the fears or feelings which might be causing you to delay some or all of your job search activities. This time we will address what to do if starting a job search feels totally overwhelming. The prospect of […]

22. September 2014


Procrastination and Lack of Confidence

In the last post, we discussed the fears that cause procrastination, and the basic human needs that cause the fears. Those needs could range from putting bread on the table, to creating a financial safety net, to gaining the respect of others. When we fear those needs won’t be met, it’s very difficult to develop […]

15. September 2014


Understanding: the Key to Overcoming Procrastination

In our last post, we talked about how underlying fears can lead to procrastination in your job search, and how procrastination can turn those fearful thoughts into self-fulfilling prophecies. Now we will explore how you can you push past the fear and stop such thoughts as “I’m going to let my family down” or “I’m […]

9. September 2014


Fear: the Root of All Procrastination

Has your job search stalled or perhaps never even got going properly in the first place? Are you beating yourself up for being “lazy?” It may well be that laziness is not your problem at all. In most cases, what lies behind procrastination is really fear. Why, you might ask, should a job search be […]

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