13. October 2014


3 Techniques for Becoming a Better Negotiator

While every negotiation situation is unique, you will greatly improve your chance of achieving better results more often if you have the right negotiation skills in your pocket will. And the greater the difference between your own skill level and your opponent’s, the more power and confidence you will have. As with any other skill […]

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7. October 2014


Find Your Negotiating Style for Employment Success

You might think that negotiation skills are only useful for securing a good starting salary or pay raise. But that’s just the beginning. How about when you are looking to be awarded that plum assignment, brokering a compromise in a workplace dispute or trying to impress by winning a valuable contract with a new client? […]

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29. September 2014


Procrastination and Feeling Overwhelmed

In our last few posts we have been looking at the issue of procrastination and some of the fears or feelings which might be causing you to delay some or all of your job search activities. This time we will address what to do if starting a job search feels totally overwhelming. The prospect of […]

22. September 2014


Procrastination and Lack of Confidence

In the last post, we discussed the fears that cause procrastination, and the basic human needs that cause the fears. Those needs could range from putting bread on the table, to creating a financial safety net, to gaining the respect of others. When we fear those needs won’t be met, it’s very difficult to develop […]

15. September 2014


Understanding: the Key to Overcoming Procrastination

In our last post, we talked about how underlying fears can lead to procrastination in your job search, and how procrastination can turn those fearful thoughts into self-fulfilling prophecies. Now we will explore how you can you push past the fear and stop such thoughts as “I’m going to let my family down” or “I’m […]

9. September 2014


Fear: the Root of All Procrastination

Has your job search stalled or perhaps never even got going properly in the first place? Are you beating yourself up for being “lazy?” It may well be that laziness is not your problem at all. In most cases, what lies behind procrastination is really fear. Why, you might ask, should a job search be […]

26. August 2014


Be a Detective and Track Down More Job Opportunities

It’s no accident that the “hidden” job market is so named. The vast majority of jobs available are never advertised and so never seen by many job seekers. To tap into this market, you need to think like an investigator solving a crime or uncovering information for a client. Hunt for clues, follow leads and […]

18. August 2014


Are You Failing to Plan? Then You’re Planning to Fail.

I’ve mentioned in several previous posts that you should never let your job search tools, from the resume to the professional network, get rusty — no matter how secure you think you are in your current position. Here’s why.   You won’t be taken by surprise. A termination or decision to leave can happen unexpectedly […]

11. August 2014


3 Ways to Stay Motivated in Your Job Search

  When people kick off a job search, their spirits are usually high. Even if they were laid off or fired, the initial shock is often replaced by feelings of relief and they are both hopeful and reasonably confident of their ability to find a new position, or perhaps even a better one. But as […]

4. August 2014


3 Reasons Not to Burn Your Bridges When You Quit

You’ve followed the best job search advice, wowed the recruiters and earned yourself a well-deserved job offer which you’ve accepted. Having received your resignation, your boss has found a replacement for you (What? So soon? And you thought you were irreplaceable!) and you’ve been asked to train him or her. What do you do?   […]

28. July 2014


What’s Missing from Your Resume?

You need to stand out. If you’ve been job hunting for a while without getting any response, maybe it’s because your resume is nothing special. And maybe you think it’s supposed to be that way.   You’ve heard that you shouldn’t use fancy paper or a large font on your resume, and that is correct. […]

22. July 2014


Should You Negotiate Job Terms During the Interview?

Is this you? You’re so happy that you were invited for an interview; you don’t want to speak up about what salary and benefits you’re looking for. You may even be so eager to land the job that you just sit there quietly and agree to any terms that are offered.   No, no, no. […]

17. July 2014


Yes, the Order of Your Resume Matters

If you sat down in a restaurant and picked up the menu, you wouldn’t expect to receive the check before you ordered, would you? That wouldn’t make sense. And you wouldn’t know what to pay.   Think about how your resume looks to the busy hiring manager who’s reading it for the first time. Here […]

7. July 2014


When Your Experience Doesn’t Match Your Talents

It’s a familiar story to those looking to start their careers, or perhaps switch to a different career path. You see a job you want and think you can handle, but no hiring manager looking at the past experience on your resume would agree with you.   Let’s say, for example, that you’ve been in […]

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