Negotiate for Your Next Career

Thu, Mar 29, 2012

Career Advice

Once you’ve gotten the job offer, your interview isn’t over. In fact, the way that you handle the negotiations for the job perks and benefits can show the company that they’ve made the right decision.  You will want to think about how you can get the things that you’re worth, so that everyone is happy – and the company knows just how serious you are about staying.

If you don’t fight for the job up until the moment of your first shift, you might not be as impressive to the company as you once thought you were.

  • Be clear about the salary you want – You will want to make sure you’re clear about the salary that you need in order to make the right amount for the skills you bring to the table.  If you’re wishy-washy about this salary, chances are good you won’t get the number you want.
  • Be clear about the schedule you need – If you have a schedule issue that you need to address, address it before you walk in for your first day.  You will make sure that you’re getting the hours you desire, without having to argue about them each shift.
  • Offer ways to help that go outside of the expectations – When you have particular things you need from the company, especially those things that fall outside of the job description, make sure you are clear about how you will make up for these benefits.  For example, if you have to leave early to pick up your child on certain days, then suggest that you come in early or skip your lunch on those days.

You want to make sure you’re negotiating all of the details of your new job before you step into the room on the first day.  When you do this, you will ensure you’re ready and settled into the exact job you signed up for.

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