Do You Want to Work with Your Hiring Manager?

Tue, Jun 5, 2012

Interview Skills, Motivation

As you sit down at the interview, you might think of all of the things you need to say in order to impress the person sitting before you.  But while this is certainly an important, you will also want to look at the hiring manager directly in order to determine one thing: do you want to work with this person?

Often, those looking for jobs will focus solely on whether they are the right person for a company, rather than thinking about whether the company is the right fit for them.  While you are sitting at your interview, see if you can picture yourself working with the hiring manager and others like them.

If you can, then you’re probably going to work well at the company.  If not, you may want to make up your mind before you leave if this is a job you want to pursue.

All of the skills in the world might not help when you’re working for a company that isn’t matched to your needs or to your personality.  Though you might be ready to showcase your talents, when you don’t mesh, it can make things uncomfortable.

During your interview, make sure you are thinking about whether the hiring manager is displaying a personality or work style that seems to work well for you.  Though you don’t need to tell them during the interview that you don’t think you’re a good fit, this is certainly going to help your job hunt if you can tell that you’re not a good match.

Even if you get called back for another interview, you may want to turn it down and focus on another potential role.

This process isn’t about being choosy, as you might think.  Instead, this is about trying to find a company that will work for you in the long run.  And you’ll need to get along with everyone to do so.

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