What’s Your Plan B?

Fri, Jun 8, 2012

Job Search Skills

Realistically speaking, there is only one outcome you want when you start hunting for jobs: employment.  But while this used to be the standard progression of events, sometimes this doesn’t happen right away.  If you’ve been sitting around, twiddling your thumbs, and trying to decide what to do, maybe it’s time for a Plan B.

Plan B doesn’t mean that you find someone to give you an inheritance, or you head back into menial work.  What this does mean is that you do something with the time you have so that you appear to be a functioning member of society, even when you don’t have a job.

  • Get involved in your community – No matter what your background is, there are roles in your local community that will help you stay active and engaged in working with others.
  • Continue your training – Even if you have specialized skills, make sure that you continue to train and to refine these skills so that you’re never out of date or falling behind.
  • Seek out non-paying positions – While you may not want to hear this, an internship may be a better way to spend your days than waiting for an interview.

You may also want to pursue some of your hobbies or start up a new business in the interim.  You may find that you can create a company that may be able to afford you more job security than other workplaces have been able to provide.

Or you may just find that you can keep yourself busy.

No matter what, doing nothing is not the option you want to take.  Instead, find ways to continue to enhance the lives of others, and that will show you’re a person who doesn’t give up.

No one wants to hire a quitter, after all.

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