Prove You Don’t Need All the Requirements

Thu, Jun 14, 2012

Interview Skills, Job Search Skills

Surprisingly enough, the job postings you see may not be telling the entire story.  While they might list all of the requirements that they want from an applicant, this doesn’t mean you’re immediately discounted if you don’t meet every single need.

While it’s true that some companies want you to have ALL of their requirements, if you can prove that you have the skills that a company needs (even if you don’t have the certifications), that’s what matters most to the hiring department.

But how can you prove it?

Yes, there are many systems at employers today that try to weed out resumes that don’t include every single requirement on the posting.  Those still exist, and they will still weed you out.  One way to avoid these certain situations is to explain what you have to offer in your cover letter.  Address each of the requirements in which you might be lacking so that it’s clear that you read the job posting and that you are still the right person for the job.

Another way to handle this situation is to talk about the skills you have and what they compare to in your summary at the top of your resume.  This will immediately address concerns so the hiring manager doesn’t have to waste their time reading the entire resume.

Your experience can also prove that you don’t need the requirements that are listed on the job posting.  For example, if you’ve been in project management for twenty years, but you don’t have a certification, you may be able to still seek out project manager roles.

Be honest about the skills that you bring to your new employer and then make sure it’s clear how you can be the next best thing that ever happened to this new company – even if you’re not perfect on paper.

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