What Does a Hiring Manager Hear When They Call You?

Sat, Jun 30, 2012

Interview Skills

When the hiring manager finally calls your house to set up an interview, are they going to hear a message that makes you sound like the right choice?

Or are they going to hear a message from you and your four dogs, barking out your number and asking people to ‘paws’ until the tone?

Or are they going to hear you belching out your phone number in Pig Latin?

You need to change your message – now.

If your answering machine sounds like you lost a dare, you need to get out the instruction manual and change things up.  Your answering machine should say nothing more than who you are, what your phone number is, and that you are grateful that the caller called.

That’s it.  Nothing cutesy.  Nothing strange.  Nothing that involves alcohol.

The hiring manager wants to know that they called the right number, that they called someone who can act in a mature and professional manner, and that you’re still the right person for the job.

If you have one phone line for your household and you don’t want to have just your name on the line, perhaps it’s time to think about a cell phone or another phone line to make sure you’re getting calls directed to you. (And then your family number can be a little less formal.)

Every single thing you do is scrutinized by those who thinking about hiring you.  If you’re not considering all of the smaller details, it might add up to companies calling you, but not leaving you a message.

Walk yourself through the processes that a hiring manager might use to reach you.  Are they getting the right impression or are you leaving them wishing they’d never found your profile?

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