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Tue, Jul 31, 2012

Motivation, Networking, Social Media

If only a hiring manager could search your name online and find out that you were the most perfect person to hire.  If only you could buy some sort of service that could clean up your identity and polish up your resume for online searches.

While this is certainly possible to do and there are companies that can make you shine online, there are other less expensive ways to make sure the only thing that comes back to a job manager is a positive result.

  • Buy your domain name – Go to the domain sellers online and start buying up all of the domain names that include your name – i.e. This will ensure you are in control of anything that is on those sites.
  • Buy blogs with your name – Additionally, go to all of the free blog creation sites to buy up those names too, just in case someone with the same name as you start posting things that might not look good to those who are in charge of your future career.
  • See who else is out there – If you have a common name, find out what’s being said about them and what you might want to do to refute anything that seems negative to your future.

The more you can be aware of your reputation online and the more you can control it, the more positive you will seem in the eyes of those looking you up online.

When you have all of your ‘real estate’ online, you can also start building simple sites that allow you to have the best possible reputation online.  Even just your resume and your contact information can help you become a bit more popular.

And you can make sure that your name is always linked with good things that make you hirable.

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