Are the Holidays a Bad Time for Looking at the Job Market?

Mon, Dec 3, 2012

Job Search Skills

As the year comes to a close, you might be wondering if your time was better spent on the couch, watching yet another holiday classic.  After all, no one is looking to hire people around this time of year anyway, so you may as well take a break, right?

Not quite.

What you need to remember is that this type of thinking is all too common, and while it might be logical, it isn’t necessarily going to help you in your job hunt.

Instead, you need to think about these benefits of looking for a job right now:

  • No one else is – Most folks give up during this time of year, making the competition less stiff for you and the chance of your resume being seen much higher.
  • You get undivided attention – Since many employees have less to do during this time of year, they’re able to review resumes in greater detail, and they’re going to spend more time thinking about whether you’re the right person.
  • Budgets are being reviewed – Some companies start to looking at their labor budgets for the upcoming year, which means they begin to see what jobs they need to post to be filled.  And you can be first in line for the job posting if you apply now.
  • You have more free time available – As you’re probably not doing as much right now as you typically would, why not use this extra time to find the work you want and need?

Right now, you need to be hitting the streets (or the Internet) just as hard as you have the rest of the year.  This is a time when you can get ahead of the pack, and start seeing results as the new year begins to emerge.


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